OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway Dispositionierung


Structured Disposition in Field Service with GIS Gateway

Uncomplicated organization of field staff teams

With the OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway, the data from geographic information systems (GIS) can be processed directly in OMNITRACKER. By using the map services of Google Maps, an automated, map-based geocoding and an optimization of routes is possible.

Advantages of a connection to geographic information systems

Advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive handling
  • Effective route planning without unnecessary travel
  • Prioritization of open orders
  • Geocoding for fast troubleshooting
  • Detailed route plan display

Scheduling field staff causes a number of challenges. The goal is to quickly and easily assign the right and nearby specialist to the customer.

Intuitive operation of well-known map material

The display on a map is useful support, especially when dispatching field staff. You can see where your employees are currently located after they have communicated their location. For example, with OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway, you can use the maps of Google Maps™. Due to the usage in browsers or on smartphones, the handling and appearance are already familiar and intuitive to most users.

Complete the route planning quickly and with the shortest way possible

By using the OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway, you can plan routes instinctively, quickly and effectively. Unnecessary journeys are shown on the map, and you can select the field service employee who will be in the vicinity at the planned working time. With optimal route planning via Google Maps, you save time as well as travel costs. Additionally, your customers will be more satisfied due to the faster solution of their request.

Prioritize your service request in your route planning

Several factors play an important role in route optimization:

  • Which employee is available?
  • Which employee is qualified to solve this problem?
  • What is the priority of this case?

In many cases, the best order is not always the most appropriate for these decisions. OMNITRACKER applications show all open orders as well as your field staff on a map. With drag & drop", you can plan the route in an optimal order and with the appropriate employee. The current state of your planning is shown directly on a map.

Use geocoding for quick incident solving

You will get all necessary data (temporal, geographical and further information of the geo data) in the disposition view. Through accurate geocoding, you are always informed and able to react appropriately to escalations, incidents and unforeseen events.

Detailed route plan display for a better overview

Besides the disposition view with geo data, the corresponding OMNITRACKER application also provides a view with time lines on a map showing the location. You can see in detail where and when which technician is scheduled and how the corresponding route runs for a certain time.

Use well-known map material with OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway for optimal route planning.

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Functionality OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway

The OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway establishes the connection to a geographic information system (GIS).

OMNITRACKER offers a separate view for route planning – the disposition view. In this view, you can plan tasks and routes of your field staff:

  • Disposition of resources (field staff, service technicians etc.)
  • Extensive route planner
  • Display of geographical positions of objects and resources
  • User-friendly disposition view
  • Combinable with filters and search forms
  • Time information about orders
  • Assignment and route creation through drag & drop

This view shows temporal, geographical and other information (e.g. different views) of the geodata on a map. It is also possible to extend this map with time lines. For example, you can see where and when which technician is scheduled to work, and how his or her route is running for a certain time. This facilitates the planning of the orders of a team of technicians for the next few days. The clear planning with GIS Gateway considers the following data:

  • Temporal information about the orders, e.g. start time and Duration
  •  Working hours of the technicians
  • Skills and qualifications of technicians
  • Geographical location of the deployment sites and the home location of the technicians

Routes are the basic concept in the disposition view. A route is a sequence of orders that are connected by predecessor-successor relationships. In the timeline, a connecting line marks the objects of a route. On the map, the same route is displayed using connecting lines between the objects and arrows indicate the direction of travel. The home location is the starting and ending point of the daily route. Simply use drag & drop to put the routes together. Journey and return times are managed in the individual orders and are automatically calculated and taken into account in route planning.


In addition, use the application OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center for your dispatching

With the OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center, you control your field staff flexibly and you plan all assignments according to your needs – the application provides all relevant information. Moreover, your technicians receive all necessary information about the order for your on-site deployment. After solving the request, they have the fulfillment signed by your customer on the digital form. Appropriate IT processes run automatically in OMNITRACKER before, during and after the assignment. Each process is recorded and documented.

Satisfied OMNITRACKER users

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

The GIS Gateway offers you these features:

Integriert icon v3


Full product integration into your own infrastructure

Flexibel icon


Extremely high product flexibility: easily adaptable and expandable

Einheitlich icon


Usable for all OMNITRACKER applications

Uebersichtlich icon

Clearly arranged

Planning of field staff on familiar map material

Schnell icon v2

Fast and effective

Optimization of routes and schedules

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All required information at a glance

Route optimization of electricians with Google Maps in OMNITRACKER

Routenoptimierung Elektrikern mit Google Maps

You receive a call that your customer has no more electricity available. Now, you have to send one of your electricians to the customer as soon as possible. Thanks to the OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway, Google Maps shows the current locations of your field staff and you can see in the route planning who still has time for this job. You simply extend the route of an available technician with this prioritized order by drag & drop. Afterwards, you contact the right electrician and your customer has power again.

In addition to special orders, you can also plan the daily scheduling of your electricians quickly and effectively. On a clearly arranged map, you can see the routes of your field staff and the locations of your customers. The OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway supports you in your daily planning and facilitates your daily work in the field.

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