OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway Verwaltung Netzwerkkomponenten

OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway

Scanning Gateway for Administration of Network Components

Inventorise your network devices automatically

Integrate Windows-based network devices with OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway directly into your OMNITRACKER system. The information of the inventoried assets is automatically stored in the OMNITRACKER database. Therefore, you know your current network device state and you can view and manage individual information about users and hardware components.

Advantages of an automatic inventory

Advantages at a glance:

  • Cost savings in the administration of inventory lists
  • Real-time information on the entire IT landscape
  • Extensive information
  • Basis for efficient CMDB usage in other applications
Automatic inventory lists

With an automatic digital registration of IT devices, there is no more need to maintain inventory lists manually. The data is already recorded and transferred to the database when installing new devices. Software versions are always up-to-date and available to your employees. Additional manual recording of e.g. docking stations or telephones is also possible, so that all devices are inventoried in a central system.

No manual data maintenance necessary

In the past, all servers and computers had to be inventoried and maintained in lists for digital mapping of your IT infrastructure. This administrative process was error-prone and time-consuming. Increasingly more information (e.g. licenses and versions) makes an inventory tool necessary, since the administrative efforts can no longer be mapped in a structured way using standard spreadsheet programs. Instead, you use the OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway for automatic inventory.

Keep well informed with an inventory list of all IT equipment

With your automatic inventory list, you stay well informed about your IT landscape. Access all software and hardware information (e.g. CPU type or hard disk) of individual end devices and servers in your company at any time. You can also display inventory numbers and associated cost centers.

Supports usage of OMNITRACKER CMBD

OMNITRACKER's "Configuration Management Database" (CMDB) manages all assets, configuration items (CIs), products, services, IT devices, user and software information. Moreover, additional attributes are assigned, such as room numbers and relationships of CMDB elements.

Automatically create clear inventory lists of your Windows PCs and servers.

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Functionality OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway

With the OMNITRACKER inventory scanner, it is possible to automatically scan all Windows devices and servers. When using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) as well as remote registry services, it is not required to install additional software. The scan results are imported directly into OMNITRACKER, so that no separate file import is necessary. With the "Scan-on-Login" functionality, PCs can be scanned during a Windows login. Data reconciliation between OMNITRACKER and the inventory system can be executed manually or automatically (e.g. time-controlled or triggered by definable events). 

  • Automatic inventory of Windows workstations and Servers
  • Automatic inventory of installed patches and software (operating system including third-party software)
  • Management of several 10,000 assets
  • Customization

With the configuration options of OMNITRACKER, you can extend and adapt processes to your needs. The OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway is the basis for OMNITRACKER applications that work with inventory workflows (e.g. the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center).

Satisfied OMNITRACKER users

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

Features of Scanning Gateway:

OMNITRACKER feature Integriert v6


Full product integration into your own IT infrastructure

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Simple configuration, administration and application

OMNITRACKER feature Flexible


Extremely high product flexibility

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Diverse evaluation options

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Clearly arranged

Integrated management of your PCs or licenses


All inventory data is generated automatically

Inventory and documentation of servers

Scanning Inventarisierung Dokumentation Servern

The OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway automatically creates inventory lists from your servers and computers. Your network administrator can see the entire IT inventory. In this central system, up-to-date details about all inventoried items are listed. For example, it is possible to view the current storage capacity of the installed hard drives. This information can be used for management decisions about replacement or new investments. With the OMNITRACKER Scanning Gateway, you save costs, time and resources.

By using the CMDB of our IT Service Management (ITSM) Center, you are able to draw conclusions about the cause of a technical error. For example, you receive many tickets for a network failure. The inventory shows that all incidents can be traced back to one specific server. By using a parent and child relationship, the identified incident can be solved quickly.

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