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CTI Gateway

Easy integration of telephone systems

With the OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway you can integrate telephone systems easily:

  • Via Windows TAPI (if the telephone system provides a TAPI-2.x-driver)
  • Via the OMNITRACKER telephony interface. This allows the integration of non TAPI-capable telephone systems (COM interface).

In order to support OMNITRACKER installations configured across area code regions and country borders, the concept of telephony locations is used.

A telephony location contains all the information required to process a telephone call from a certain client. It contains, for example, the country and local area code, prefixes for local, long-distance and international as well as telephone system-specific settings like special prefixes for internal and external calls. One of these telephony locations is identified as the “server site”.

The use of the location concept enables every OMNITRACKER client to convert the display format of the telephone numbers so that they can be used from the current location without any further modification.

OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway: Your key benefits

Comprehensive options for processing incoming and outgoing calls in the OMNITRACKER client

  • Display of incoming and outgoing calls in the OMNITRACKER client
  • Logging times of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Administration of telephone locations
  • Option of developing scripts to execute user-defined tasks for incoming calls

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