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Interface Bus

Easily connect external systems

In heterogeneous IT environments, powerful interfaces help you to exchange information between the systems used. Therefore duplicate recording of data is not necessary and you always have access to the current status of your data.

Using the preconfigured interfaces in OMNITRACKER Interface Bus, you can considerably reduce the effort involved in integrating external systems.

Information on further interfaces for the integration of external systems or data sources is available at Interfaces.

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OMNITRACKER Interface Bus: Your key benefits


  • Quick and easy integration of third-party systems
  • Cost savings through predefined interfaces
  • Faster project implementation

Support for products with high market relevance

  • Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Services
  • baramundi Management Suite
  • Webservices

Wide ranged basic functionality

  • Synchronize data or exchange information about imports and exports
  • Support of popular formats like MDB, XLS or CSV files
  • Import data directly into the live system using the import function
  • Data synchronization is logged and traceable
  • Generation of confirmation or error messages during import and export

Tailored solutions

  • Variable combination of components
  • Flexible upgrades and needs-based licensing
  • Easy expansion and adaptation

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