OMNINET Austria and DESEO merge and combine their know-how

Voit, Stefan | 07.05.2020
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More growth and competitiveness in the market

Thanks to the fusion with DESEO, the OMNINET group has additional resources and new potential in product development. Individual requirements of new customers as well as existing customers of OMNINET and DESEO are thus met even better. The additional experience of the successful Austrian IT management consulting and service company DESEO expands OMNINET's range of products and services specifically in decisive, future-oriented key areas. OMNINET is taking a significant step forward with the knowledge and experience of DESEO and is strengthening its leading market position in Austria in particular and in German-speaking Europe. The DESEO management team will be integrated into the management board of OMNINET Austria GmbH. The merger will further consolidate the long-term growth of both companies, resulting in greater planning reliability and improved product and service quality.

A milestone in the product development

DESEO's specialization in business intelligence as well as mobile solutions and the implementation of individual developments complements and expands OMNINET's existing portfolio of products and services. Thanks to the resulting new perspectives in the OMNITRACKER product development, future market requirements will be met even better. The fusion will turn OMNINET Austria into a competence center for the newly acquired range of products and services. National as well as international, all customers of the entire OMNINET group and DESEO benefit from the strengths and expanded resources resulting from the synergies of the fusion. Existing and new customers now have access to greater team resources and bundled know-how. The number of business and technology consultants is also increasing, enabling us to meet the individual requirements of all our customers even better.

From project-related technology partnership to fusion

As a long-standing technology and consulting partner, DESEO is already familiar with the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER. The management team of DESEO gives reasons for the decision for the merger: “The many years of very successful cooperation between DESEO and OMNINET—which has developed both in the project business and in the area of innovative product development—now culminates in the next growth step, the company fusion. In other words: A partnership becomes a marriage.“
The strengths of both companies will be further reinforced and new potential will be created, from which both sides and ultimately the entire international OMNINET customer base will benefit.

You can read more about the fusion in our

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