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Fit for the GDPR?

Written on 20.03.2018 by

On 25 May 2018 the time has come: the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO) comes into force and presents you with new challenges.  
In our one-day seminar "OMNITRACKER GDPR" we offer not only theory but also OMNITRACKER practice. In the theoretical part you will learn the legal basics and, in the practical part, deal with a crucial aspect of the GDPR: the anonymization of personal data. The contents of the seminar are aimed primarily at OMNITRACKER administrators.

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Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH opts for OMNITRACKER 

Written on 13.02.2018 by

Sanacorp Pharmahandel GmbH has around 3,000 employees and a turnover of approx. 4. 3 billion euros in 2015, one of the largest German pharmaceutical wholesalers. At the center of its business activities is the supply of pharmacies with medicines and health products. The head office of the pharmacy company is based in Planegg. The delivery of the customers takes place nationwide from 16 branches. OMNITRACKER is used in IT service management.

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Fit for the GDPR? We have the solution!

Written on 25.01.2018 by

On 25 May 2018 the time has come: the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) comes into force and presents you with new challenges. The European Union creates with the GDPR a uniform level of protection for personal data. The transparency of all EU-wide stored data sets has a high priority and has an impact on your work environment. Once data is collected, why and what needs to be clearly defined. We support you in meeting these legal requirements. In our new one-day seminar "OMNITRACKER DSGVO" we offer both theory and OMNITRACKER practice.

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Written on 14.12.2017 by

On behalf of all employees of OMNINET, we would like to thank you for the pleasant cooperation. We wish you a season of joy and look forward to continuing our successful partnership in 2018. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Schülke & Mayr GmbH uses OMNITRACKER for IT Service Management

Written on 04.12.2017 by

With its almost 1,000 employees in Norderstedt (Hamburg area), Schülke & Mayr GmbH mainly works with disinfectants for surfaces, instruments and the skin. Special additives, e. g. for the preservation of lubricants, paints or cosmetics, as well as research and service activities complete the company's product portfolio. A combination of the standard applications OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, Project Management Center and Document Management was introduced to implement a powerful service desk, but also to roll out projects, especially taking into account the strict legal documentation requirements and standards in the CAPA area (Corrective and Preventive Actions).  

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4. OMNITRACKER Customer Day in Vienna

Written on 23.11.2017 by

Thank you for participating in the OMNITRACKER Customer Day 2017!

We have tried to keep the balance between the transmission of information and the networking of networks. In particular, the good mix between long-time regulars and new customers made the talks interesting. We sincerely thank all presenters for their presentations, which have enriched the OMNITRACKER Customer Day. In order to further promote communication with and between our customers, we will continue to offer the event in the coming year.

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EnBW Windpower chooses OMNITRACKER for project monitoring of offshore wind parks

Written on 15.11.2017 by

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is the second largest energy company in Germany with more than 20,000 employees. On the basis of the ITIL-certified standard application OMNITRACKER ITSM-Center  and  the positive experience  OMNITRACKER already gained in other wind farm construction projects, a tailor-made solution for construction site monitoring and claim management was created. The solution is operated by OMNINET as a private cloud solution.

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Anton Paar GmbH opts for OMNITRACKER IT Service Management

Written on 20.10.2017 by

With more than 2,500 employees, Anton Paar GmbH is a leading provider of high-precision measurement technology for industry and science. After the previous service desk solution no longer met the increased requirements for an efficient ITSM tool, OMNINET Austria was able to contend with a number of competitors with the ITIL-certified standard application OMNITRACKER ITSM-Center.

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OMNINET is growing!

Written on 05.10.2017 by

Starting this week, you will find us in the new larger office spaces at the Arabella Centrum in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to meeting you there.

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