OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC) Training

In this one-day seminar you will learn both theory and OMNITRACKER practice. The theoretical part deals with the legal basis of the DSGVO/GDPR and the practical part shows a decisive aspect: the anonymization of personal data in OMNITRACKER.

You will learn how OMNITRACKER can support you in data anonymization with the help of an application. The contents of the seminar are primarily aimed at OMNITRACKER administrators. In addition to working with the new application, we will show you how you can avoid possible pitfalls by using different use cases. Possible adjusting screws within the application are shown to you on the one hand in practical handling and on the other hand by a look into the script code.

Training topics

Legal Basics

  • Data protection in general
  • General principles of the DSGVO/GDPR
  • Legal principles of the DSGVO/GDPR
  • Processing of personal data
  • Deletion and the right to be forgotten

Implementation with OMNITRACKER

  • Overview of handling and essential functions
  • Infrastructure and system requirements
  • Configuration of the GAC Application
  • Use of the GAC Application (user perspective) incl. demonstration of use cases
  • Demonstration of further applications (complete run-through)
  • Updating the information (data structure of the target systems)
  • OMNITRACKER Plattform API extensions
  • Important scripts of the GAC Application


In addition to the comprehensive legal basics on the subject of data protection and DSGVO/GDPR, the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC) processes for anonymizing personal data in OMNITRACKER are also covered in the training. You get to know the configuration of the application and get an overview of the underlying OMNITRACKER Automation Interface. Practical exercises, e.g. the use case “Employee Leaving” or “Applicant Anonymization”, will consolidate the acquired knowledge.


OMNITRACKER Administrators with previous knowledge

For an easier understanding of the scripting methods used, scripting knowledge is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. Since the seminar is aimed at OMNITRACKER administrators, a safe handling of OMNITRACKER is a prerequisite.


Duration: 1 day
Price: €680.00 plus VAT
Requirements: OMNITRACKER Basic Administration
Available languages: German
If you are interested in this training in English, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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26.01.2024 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymisierungs-Center (GAC) Training
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OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC) Training
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