OMNITRACKER Interface Bus Training

With OMNITRACKER you have the possibility to integrate third party systems into your installation. The OMNITRACKER Interface Bus is the interface used for this purpose, which you will get to know and administer in detail during this training.

Training topics

  • Information about the Interface Bus
  • Connection to Sharepoint
  • Installing the IB and its components
  • Connection to Exchange Server
    • Import
    • Export
    • Unidirectional Sync External System
    • Unidirectional sync
    • Bidirectional sync
  • Connection to baramundi Management Suite
    • Dynamic retrieval of detailed PC information
    • Triggering a bMS job in OMNITRACKER
    • Monitoring of a bMS job in OMNITRACKER


This training teaches you the full range of functions of the interface bus. After participation in the seminar you will master all necessary configuration steps to install the interface bus in your OMNITRACKER core system and to use it effectively.

With numerous exercises you consolidate what you have learned. The comprehensive training documentation also helps you after the training at your workplace.


OMNITRACKER administrators with previous knowledge

To ensure the best possible training results, we recommend attending this training at the OMNINET location. If you would like the training to take place on your premises, the exercises included can only be demonstrated by the trainer due to the complex system environment required.


Duration: 1 day
Price: 630.00 € plus VAT
Requirements: OMNITRACKER Advanced Administration
Available languages: German and English

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