OMNITRACKER Update Training

These seminars are especially aimed at OMNITRACKER administrators who are planning an update to the latest version and would like to prepare themselves using the new OMNITRACKER features on the basis of practical examples.

In addition, important topics from the release notes are explained in more detail and noteworthy details for the installation are discussed.

Training topics

The contents of these trainings will be adapted to the new OMNITRACKER version and the changes implemented there.


Here you can combine your previous OMNITRACKER knowledge and experience as an administrator with the latest OMNITRACKER innovations. During the training you will not only receive all important information about the new OMNITRACKER release but also discuss its best possible use in your application with the experienced trainer.


OMNITRACKER administrators with previous knowledge


Duration: 1 day
Price: €680.00 plus VAT
Requirements: OMNITRACKER Basic Administration
Available languages: German and English

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2 possible dates
07.10.2022 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
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OMNITRACKER Update Seminar V12 und V12.1
OMNITRACKER Update Training
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