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Create secretive processes

Create internal processes without having to involve the software vendor

Would you like to create or modify your security-critical processes without having to involve the software manufacturer?

Would you like to receive appropriate training from the software manufacturer directly?

Would you like to continue using your customizations without any restrictions even after a release change?

With the OMNITRACKER BPMN Modeler and the OMNITRACKER BPMN Engine, you can independently and easily model your own structure and processes, which are intended for the company’s internal knowledge only. The delivery standard already includes many powerful configuration tools. OMNINET, as a software manufacturer, conducts competent and exciting training for you. We also assure you, that your developments are future-proof. OMNINET guarantees you the durability after a release change.

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Our solution for you

All tools are integrated into the system and provide consistent, mostly graphical tools and methods.

Individual process illustration

Security-sensitive processes can be created and modified in OMNITRACKER without the involvement of the software manufacturer. Hereby you receive support in form of training by OMNINET itself.

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Configuration tools

All configuration tools are already available in the OMNITRACKER delivery standard and can be used after training. This allows adjustments to standard applications or the creation of individual applications by you, without the necessary support of OMNINET.

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Release change compatibility

Any adjustments made can still be used without restrictions even after a release change. We guarantee this even by contract.

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With OMNITRACKER’s BPMN solutions, you can model and automate your business processes directly in OMNITRACKER.

With BPMN 2.0 you can overcome the language barriers between business departments and your IT department. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) diagrams are easy to understand, yet detailed enough to be executable and automatable. With OMNITRACKER BPMN Modeler you can create BPMN 2.0 compliant diagrams which are reliably executed by the OMNITRACKER BPMN Engine.

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