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Our team consists of experienced professionals from the areas of IT consulting and customizing, software development, testing, sales, project management and Business Intelligence consulting.


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Benefit from our many years of experience in digitization projects.

Using AI in IT service management

You want to free up more resources for difficult support tickets with AI?

Artificial intelligence in IT service management helps to process standard requests faster. This relieves the support staff and gives them time to take care of the complicated tickets.

We would be happy to advise you on how AI can support your service desk and find an individual ticketing solution.

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Adhere to compliance requirements

You have to keep an overview of comply with norms and standards?

Audit management software simplifies the complex and time-consuming audit and compliance process. All necessary requirement catalogs can be freely defined and easily imported including relevant questions. This allows various laws, guidelines and processes to be dealt with and prepared. This flexibility helps to establish new audit processes in time.

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Automate complex approval processes with BMPN

Do you want to automate your IT processes?

BPMN 2.0 turns unorganized workflows with person-specific approvals into standardized process chains with role-based, tool-supported authorization. This well-structured and efficient automation enables natural business growth—without losing sight of efficiency.

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Understanding data as a valuable product

Do you want to create added value with analytical data and identify optimization potentials?

The structured and target-group-specific provision of long-term and real-time data is essential in order to be able to make evidence-based decisions both in daily business and in long-term investment or strategy issues.

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Coordinating even complex projects

Do you need to keep track of everything important within your project business?  

Ensure smooth communication between all parties involved in projects of any size. All responsibilities, role and release concepts (e.g. for milestones or budget overruns) can be mapped and controlled with software support.

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Digital transformation with individual developments

Do you want a digital solution tailored to your needs?

From the development of a public sector management application to custom fitting software for hearing aids—benefit from our years of experience in software development.

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Customer Days 2023 | BENELUX

Le 23 novembre 2023, l'événement pour la communauté OMNINET sera une fois de plus un événement en direct et se déroulera sur le site de l'événement Bluepoint à Anvers, en Belgique.

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La version 12.4.100 d'OMNITRACKER est officiellement publiée et disponible pour vous.

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OMNITRACKER makes all processes more transparent and simple.

Self-service portal: Most important functions

A self-service portal (SSP) enables employees, customers, suppliers and partners to use your company services independently. Around-the-clock availability plays a central role in this. For the portal to become an effective "Single Point of Contact" (SPOC), certain functions must not be missing.

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OMNITRACKER 12.4.100 | Accessibility version

With release 12.4.100, we focus on accessibility support for the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 through specific implementation of new configuration options and application of testing measures.

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Establishing a business continuity management

When an emergency occurs, there must be clear procedures in place so that you as a company can quickly regain your ability to act. Business continuity management (BCM) is designed for this eventuality. This provides for specific measures and an emergency management plan for each incident, which means that failures can be responded to quickly, emergency operations can be initiated and the return to normal operations can begin promptly.

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