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Dispatch Center

Planification simple du personnel sur site

Lors de la planification et de la gestion du personnel sur site, vous devez tenir compte de plusieurs facteurs, et planifier exactement toutes les interventions. Vous devez réagir rapidement à des situations en constante évolution tout en conservant une vue d’ensemble. OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center vous permet de gérer de manière flexible votre personnel sur site, et de planifier toutes les interventions en tenant compte des besoins.

Gestion des services extérieurs:

  • Planification d’itinéraires intégrée. Cette fonctionnalité utilise le composant de base OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway.
  • Intégration possible de OMNITRACKER Mobile Clients


You can find everything you need to know about OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center in a nutshell in our factsheet. 


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Your benefits with OMNITRACKER dispatching software

Benefits at a glance:

  • Optimized dispatch
  • Efficient processing

  • Effective management

  • Mature platform technology

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The tours of your field staff must be planned in such a way that all orders of the agreed customer appointments are fulfilled, and all resources are used effectively. Optimizing routes is particularly important here because shorter routes save time and money.

By using suitable software, you can take all aspects into account appropriately. During planning, optimized routes are suggested to you based on the available data.

Optimized dispatch
  • Reduced effort in dispatching field staff

  • Effective use of resources

  • Cost and time savings through shorter routes 

  • Efficient processing

Efficient processing
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clearly structured dispatch planning
  • Easy planning using drag-and-drop
  • Quick assignment of orders
  • User-friendly route planner

  • Automatic calculation of travel times

Effective management
  • Management of field staff skills and knowledge

  • Dependencies displayed at a glance

  • Comprehensive search and filter functions

  • Consistent reporting to track all actions

  • Management of customer appointments

  • Improving adherence to appointments and increasing customer satisfaction

Mature platform technology
  • Business process platform with central database
  • Easy to customize and expand with additional processes

  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications

  • High-performance interfaces

Optimize the scheduling of your field service with the dispatching tool.

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The functions of the OMNITRACKER dispatching software

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With OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center, you can easily record customer appointments and efficiently plan and track the assignments of your field staff. You keep track of the planned routes and can schedule new orders in the best possible way. The OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center supports all phases of field staff order processing. The comprehensive search and filter functions allow you to search for orders in a very targeted manner or, for example, to display only open orders.

OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center uses the map material from Google Maps™ to display the locations and routes. The necessary licenses for the Google API are not part of the Dispatch Center. Via OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2, you can also conveniently edit the data using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Thanks to its scalability and variable process integration, OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center can be implemented in a wide range of companies—from the service department of a medium-sized company to the customer care and field service management of large international corporations.



Dispatch request

You have different possibilities to create orders (“Dispatch Requests”):

  • Web service: From incident, problem or change information of a connected request management system
  • Structured email
  • Import from lists
  • OMNITRACKER: Creation from data of other OMNITRACKER applications

When a new order is created, the data required for planning and scheduling is transferred, for example information on the customer or location.

After creation, the “Dispatch Request” is ready for disposition. The responsible person now takes over the planning of the order and records the requirements:

  • Appointment date agreed with the customer for the execution of the order
  • Required knowledge and skills
  • Material required



Order planning

Once all the essential data has been entered, you can assign the order to a field staff member. This can be done very easily with drag-and-drop in the shift planning. All available employees are highlighted visually. Individual working hours (availability, vacation, illness, etc.) are considered. Since skills and knowledge can be assigned to each team member, you always have an overview of who is eligible to complete an order. Once assigned, the responsible field staff member is automatically notified. Optionally, you can have the GPS coordinates of the field staff transmitted to OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center, so that the current position can always be displayed. 



Order processing

Once the order has been processed, the field staff specialist marks the order as completed. If the order was generated within a request management system, a completion message with the result of the “Dispatch Request” is transmitted to the system. Referenced incident, problem or change requests can then be marked accordingly. 



Deployment planning

In the deployment planning you will find all important information at a glance. The view is divided into three areas:

  • Timeline: The assignments are displayed in a timeline. You can see immediately which employees still have free capacities and for which orders they are eligible based on their knowledge and skills. In addition, you can see which orders are not yet assigned.
  • Map: Geographical information is displayed on a map, such as the field team’s home locations, field locations, and planned routes.
  • List: The pending orders are clearly displayed in a list. 


In shift planning, the planning of orders for the next day is quite simple. The following information is automatically taken into account:

  • Start time and duration of orders
  • Working hours of the staff
  • Geographical location of the operation sites
  • Home locations of the staff
  • Assigned knowledge and skills of the specialists

You can easily plan routes in the timeline. Drag-and-drop is also possible between areas. For example, you can drag an order from the list view to the timeline. The deployment planning also supports a planning mode. In this, you plan the orders until you achieve the desired result. Only then do you save, so that all further actions are only executed for the finished planning, for example, notifying the technicians. 

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OMNITRACKER rend les processus plus clairs et plus simples

Dispatching of the field staff in the Business Process Ecosystem

Dispatch Planung Icon370x185 1

Clearly structured dispatch planning

Raster 3er Features Dispatch Disposition 370x185 Routenplanung

Route planning with Google Maps™

Raster 3er Features Dispatch Disposition 370x185 Suchfunktion

Comprehensive search and filter functions

Raster 3er Features Dispatch Disposition 370x185 Verwaltung

Management of skills, knowledge, and equipment

Raster 3er Features Dispatch Disposition 370x185 Web Zugriff

Web client for access from any device

Raster 3er Features Dispatch Disposition 370x185 Kundendatenbank

Integrated customer database

Route planning with Google Maps™

OTS BS Dispatch DE EN

The OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center uses the map material from Google Maps™ to display locations and routes. The OMNITRACKER GIS Gateway is used to connect to this interface.

For an easier visualization of the planned operations, it is helpful to have the route displayed on a map. This way, road works and road closures are also considered in your planning.

The home location of the respective assigned personnel can be retrieved as the start and end point of the route from the OMNITRACKER master data.

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