OMNITRACKER version 11.3.0 has just been released!

Voit, Stefan | 04.12.2018
ON Newsletter FormEditor2

A highlight is the new Web Form Editor, which supports the administration of Web forms according to the WYSIWYG approach.

Overview of the features

  • Implementation on the basis of WPF 
    In order to come closer to the goal of replacing the MFC client, the Web Form Editor based on WPF is now also available.
    The administrator is essentially supported in the creation of forms by a web-like representation of the final result.
  • Drag&Drop
    The Drag&Drop function also greatly simplifies and speeds up the editing of forms.

Further highlights of OMNITRACKER Version 11.3.0:

  • Background tasks
    Initial conversion of Rich Text Fields (RTF) without the need for long downtimes.
  • Transaction Engine license option
    Enable optimization of write transactions without the need of a multi-server environment (MSA).
  • WebService Provider REST
    Additional Authentication Type "Basic http Authentication“.
  • Image handling
    For administration (e.g. folder, display and shortcut settings), *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg and others are now also available.
  • Web Gateway
    Changeability of row height using context menu on column headers.

For any details related to the new functions do not hesitate to contact OMNINET Sales or see the Release Notes issued on our OMNINET Customer Portal.


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