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In onze online-nieuwsdatabank vindt u nieuws over OMNINET en OMNITRACKER.

GDPR is een blijver! Heeft u het onder controle?

Geschreven op 22.02.2019 door Koller, Jeanette

Kent u de risico’s binnen uw organisatie? Welke persoonlijke data slaat u op en verwerkt u, al dan niet voor anderen? Wie heeft er toegang tot die gegevens? Heeft u een snel en duidelijk overzicht van uw situatie (72 uur)?

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Geschreven op 20.12.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

On behalf of all OMNINET employees, we wish you and your family a happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. We would like to thank you for your trust in our company and the pleasant cooperation and we look forward to continued success together in 2019!

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OMNITRACKER and Lotto: an unbeatable team

Geschreven op 15.11.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

Lotto? Bingo? Sports betting? Since 1986, Österreichische Lotterien GmbH has been offering its customers this and much more to perfection. A real red-white-red success story: with an annual turnover of almost 3.5 billion euros, Österreichische Lotterien GmbH has become an internationally renowned gaming company.

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OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence webinar

Geschreven op 12.11.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

You are already using OMNITRACKER and now want to analyze your business processes cleverly, effectively and quickly? In our free online webinar you will experience Business Intelligence from an extraordinary dynamic, smart and modular side. From consulting to implementation in short 5-day sprint cycles. Regardless of whether you want to restart with Business Intelligence or simply supplement what already exists, OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence is the right choice for you.

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OMNITRACKER Customer Day 2018 in Vienna

Geschreven op 16.10.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

The 5th OMNITRACKER Customer Day 2018 in Vienna started today and we are looking forward to great discussions with our customers and prospects. We look forward to the next highlights, new features and the OMNITRACKER Roadmap.

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OMNINET could win the CTG Headquarter in the USA as partner

Geschreven op 20.08.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

Computer Task Group Incorporated ("CTG") has been providing IT solutions, consulting and outsourcing services in the USA and Europe for more than 50 years. CTG was founded in 1966 and today employs 3,500 people as a NASDAQ-listed stock exchange company. CTG and OMNINET already have a successful cooperation through their regional offices in Belgium and together support several customers. This is also the reason why strategic partner management in the USA has now become aware of us. The business unit there regards OMNITRACKER as a central component of its newly rolled out "Enterprise Information Management" offering.

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OMNITRACKER as Service Desk Tool for High-End Antenna Systems

Geschreven op 07.08.2018 door Koller, Jeanette

VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK GmbH, a General Dynamics Company, is a worldwide supplier for Ground Stations, Precision Antenna Systems and Radio Telescopes. To provide a globally available Service Portal for any kind of product issues, VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK opted for the ITIL-certified OMNITRACKER (IT) Service Management Center. Product defects are registered and tracked, collaboration partners can be involved. VERTEX ANTENNENTECHNIK decided to stick to the processes as they are defined according to the ITIL Standard and, hence, for a self-implementation of the system.

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