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Aktuelle News

Self-service portal: Most important functions

A self-service portal (SSP) enables employees, customers, suppliers and partners to use your company services independently. Around-the-clock availability plays a central role in this. For the portal to become an effective "Single Point of Contact" (SPOC), certain functions must not be missing.

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OMNITRACKER 12.4.100 | Accessibility version

With release 12.4.100, we focus on accessibility support for the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 through specific implementation of new configuration options and application of testing measures.

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Establishing a business continuity management

When an emergency occurs, there must be clear procedures in place so that you as a company can quickly regain your ability to act. Business continuity management (BCM) is designed for this eventuality. This provides for specific measures and an emergency management plan for each incident, which means that failures can be responded to quickly, emergency operations can be initiated and the return to normal operations can begin promptly.

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