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IT with competence in Switzerland’s market

Our experienced Swiss team has in-depth knowledge of process management requirements and challenges. We work closely with our business partners to understand individual needs and provide custom-fit solutions. This enables us to achieve your goals and create added value. We are proud to provide you with local partnership-based customer service in Switzerland.



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The solution for your service management

By integrating OMNINET Switzerland into your evaluation process at an early stage, we can ensure that your needs are optimally met. Talk to us about your requirements.


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Statements of our Swiss business partners:

Over the past thirty years, I have already implemented many applications and solutions at St. Galler Kantonalbank. I am always impressed and surprised how easily and quickly new business processes can be implemented on the OMNITRACKER platform. OMNITACKER is characterized by an excellent time to market, also the operation is exceptionally stable and worry-free.

Alexander Girardi, Platform Manager St. Galler Kantonalbank

No matter if standard, ITIL®, ISO or own processes, OMNITRACKER supports them and guides our users through the ticket processing according to requirements.

Jochen Schackert, Information Security Officer Reist IT Solutions

Comprehensive solution for your needs

OMNITRACKER offers a wide range of options to customize processes to your needs.
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Perfect fit for your requirements

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Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с политикой конфиденциальности.

OMNITRACKER—all you need in one process platform

Increase your efficiency by avoiding data silos.


Bundle all applications and channels in a centrally managed system. This facilitates internal and external communication, reduces maintenance efforts, and increases the performance of your processes.

Integrate your systems

Service management

IT service management is a fundamental component of any IT infrastructure. Optimize your ITSM processes, increase your customer satisfaction and provide measurable relief for your service desk.

Service management


BPMN helps you to clearly define, analyze and optimize your processes. Based on this, you simplify and automate workflows with our powerful BPMN engine.

Increase productivity
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Customer Days 2023 | BENELUX

23 ноября 2023 года мероприятие для сообщества OMNINET вновь станет живым событием и пройдет в месте проведения мероприятий Bluepoint в Антверпене, Бельгия.

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Актуальная версия OMNITRACKER

Официальный релиз OMNITRACKER версии 12.4.100.

На клиентский портал

Self-service portal: Most important functions

A self-service portal (SSP) enables employees, customers, suppliers and partners to use your company services independently. Around-the-clock availability plays a central role in this. For the portal to become an effective "Single Point of Contact" (SPOC), certain functions must not be missing.

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OMNITRACKER 12.4.100 | Accessibility version

With release 12.4.100, we focus on accessibility support for the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 through specific implementation of new configuration options and application of testing measures.

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Establishing a business continuity management

When an emergency occurs, there must be clear procedures in place so that you as a company can quickly regain your ability to act. Business continuity management (BCM) is designed for this eventuality. This provides for specific measures and an emergency management plan for each incident, which means that failures can be responded to quickly, emergency operations can be initiated and the return to normal operations can begin promptly.

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