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В этом разделе вы найдете новости об OMNINET и OMNITRACKER.

Nomination "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2020

аписано на 13.12.2019 написано Voit, Stefan

We would like to thank the District Administrator Alexander Tritthart for his appreciation and trust. He nominated us on behalf of the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt. Companies cannot apply themselves for the competition “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” of the foundation called “Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung”. They must be recommended by citizens, members of parliament, institutions or other companies.The twelve regional juries and the final jury use the following evaluation criteria: Innovation capability, the creation and safeguarding of jobs and training places, service and customer orientation, commitment to the region and overall development.The award ceremonies are expected to take place in autumn 2020.Website of "Kompetenznetz-Mittelstand"...

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OMNITRACKER 11.4.101 | The New WebGateway officially released

аписано на 18.09.2019 написано Voit, Stefan

The WebGateway 2.0 will be developed according to our step-by-step plan in parallel with the Classic WebGateway. With the currently released expansion level 1, you can already map the first use cases. By accomplishing level 3 (OMNITRACKER version 12.x), the new WebGateway 2.0 reaches the so-called feature parity. Reaching this expansion stage, you can switch completely from today's Classic WebGateway to the new WebGateway 2.0. Depending on the functions and interface elements used in your processes, an earlier conversion is possible. With expansion level 2 of the new WebGateway 2.0 (OMNITRACKER version 11.5.0) the use of self-service portals is possible.

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Customer Days 2019

аписано на 16.09.2019 написано Voit, Stefan

The presentations and tutorials at the 15th OMNINET Customer Days focused on our new Web Gateway 2.0. The new interface concept ensures intuitive, barrier-free operation — on all devices at optimized speed.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

аписано на 29.07.2019 написано Voit, Stefan

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of business process steps that are repetitive and structurally the same every time they are performed. RPA software works like a human employee on the user interface of existing software systems. A separate interface does not have to be configured for this. RPA "robots", commonly abbreviated to "bots", operate exclusively digitally. They cannot process analog information and work without separate hardware, just like any other software.

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Duracell Russia перешла на платформу управления бизнес-процессами от OMNINET

аписано на 26.07.2019 написано Koller, Jeanette

Москва, – Компания Duracell Russia, российское подразделение одного из мировых лидеров в производстве батареек и аккумуляторов, внедрила полностью автоматизированный процесс по управлению финансовым документооборотом на базе модульной платформы OMNITRACKER. Разработчиком решения стала компания «ОМНИНЕТ Россия и СНГ», российское подразделение европейского поставщика программных продуктов для автоматизации бизнес-процессов. По итогам реализованного проекта в Duracell Russia получили современную платформу для управления процессами в компании, включающую систему документооборота с прозрачной схемой согласования документов и возможностью удаленного просмотра и согласования. Кроме того, в рамках системы OMNITRACKER реализованы хранение и архивация договоров с указанием версии каждого документа, а также ведение базы контрагентов.

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OMNINET - Участник инициативы «От Лиссабона до Владивостока»

аписано на 11.06.2019 написано Koller, Jeanette

Москва, 4 июня 2019 – «OMNINET Software Solutions» официально присоединилась к инициативе «Единое экономическое пространство от Лиссабона до Владивостока». Компании и бизнес-ассоциации из ЕС и ЕАЭС являются сторонниками данной инициативы, целью которой является плодотворное сотрудничество между Европейским Союзом (ЕС) и Евразийским Экономическим Союзом (ЕАЭС).

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OMNITRACKER is ready for ITIL 4

аписано на 20.05.2019 написано Voit, Stefan

In the course of digital transformation, communication channels are becoming increasingly complex - both in B2B and B2C. This affects not only large corporations, but also medium-sized companies across all industries. Only with intelligent IT-services, companies manage to increase their users` satisfaction, make optimum use of their resources and remain competitive in the long term. This is exactly where ITIL 4 comes into play. ITIL 4 provides guidelines for meaningful IT Service Management (ITSM) and is the new version of the proven ITIL V3 standards.

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Опять в тройку лучших: OMNITRACKER награждена наградой от РИА

аписано на 17.04.2019 написано Koller, Jeanette

With so many software providers, it is difficult to find out which ITSM & ESM software best meets your company's requirements. To give you an overview of the product landscape, the independent analyst Research In Action (RIA) has compared the top 20 software providers of IT and Enterprise-Service-Management-Software in Germany. In addition to a targeted expert review by RIA itself, 750 IT budget managers in end customer companies in the upper midmarket were interviewed by telephone and online.

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InfoTech: OMNITRACKER takes gold again in 2019

аписано на 27.03.2019 написано Koller, Jeanette

Are you looking for an IT Service Management tool that suits you perfectly? The InfoTech Research Group has once again conducted a market analysis in 2019. The 18 most popular ITSM software providers were closely examined. The focus of the comparison was both the functionality of the software and the providers themselves. To achieve the most authentic result possible, more than 700 customer feedbacks were included in the analysis.

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