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В этом разделе вы найдете новости об OMNINET и OMNITRACKER.

Online Round Table: Autumn Symposium Business and IT Service Management 2021

написано 08.09.2021, Scharf, Frederik

At the 28. 09. the Autumn Symposium Business and IT Service Management 2021 will take place, with OMNINET as sponsor. Organized in cooperation with CONECT Eventmanagement, Future Network and itSMF Austria, this year's online roundtable will cover topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence Ops & Service Management to strategies for modernizing the enterprise IT service organization. You can expect virtual booths and many exciting presentations from top-class speakers. As an expert from OMNINET Austria, Alexander Breznik will give a presentation at this event at 10. 10 a. m. with the topic "Best solution - new ways in ITSM Knowledge Management".

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написано 03.09.2021, Scharf, Frederik

From 27.09. to 03.10. the ITSM TOOL MEETUP21 hosted by SERVIEW GmbH will take place this year. For one week, everything revolves around IT Service Management. In over 200 live sessions, the leading ITSM software providers will answer all your questions.
Since quality is a top priority at this event, OMNINET, as recipient of the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval, is looking forward to participating in this year's event once again.
Visit our virtual booth and listen to informative presentations from our ITSM experts.

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OMNINET получил награду itSMF Russia «Проект ITSM года 2021»

написано 08.07.2021, Voit, Stefan

Проект, реализованный в том числе на базе платформы OMNITRACKER, стал лауреатом в номинации «Сервисная культура» в рамках ежегодного конкурса «ITSM-проект года 2021», проводимого ассоциацией itSMF Россия. Мы сердечно поздравляем с этим нашу дочернюю компанию ООО «ОМНИНЕТ» (Россия и СНГ), а также страховую компанию АО «ЮГОРИЯ», одну из крупнейших российских страховых компаний. Комплексное внедрение демонстрирует гибкость OMNITRACKER в цифровизации бизнес-процессов в сервисной среде.

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написано 25.06.2021, Voit, Stefan

On September 15th and 16th, the OMNINET Customer Days 2021 will take place for the DACH region.

Our BENELUX edition with English presentations will take place on 18th November 2021.

ONE – Your Story. Your Tool. One Community.

Registration for the remote event is now available.

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OMNINET wins German Brand Award 2021

написано 11.06.2021, Scharf, Frederik

OMNINET managed to win the Special Mention Award at German Brand Award 2021. The prize, presented by the German Brand Institute, honors exceptional brands as well as brand makers and is awarded by an independent jury, composed of experts from enterprises, science, consulting, service and agencies. With its principle of dialogue and continuous improvement, OMNINET succeeded to come out on top in the category Excellent Brands in Telecommunications & IT.

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Live-session: Modeling Processes BPMN

написано 11.06.2021, Specht, Jasmin

OMNINET will host a free live-session on June 22, 2021 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on the topic:

Modeling Processes with BPMN 2.0.

Please note: The live-session will be in German language.

Learn the basics of business process modeling with the internationally established standard BPMN 2.0.

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Live-Session: Efficiently managing risks according to ITIL®4 and ISO 31000

написано 05.05.2021, Voit, Stefan

In this live session, Steffen Menzel and Steve Wieduwilt will show you how to systematically protect your company from (unforeseen) damage and proactively minimize risks in order to safely achieve your overall business goals. This structured approach to risks is part of good corporate governance and is applicable to all industries and to organizations of all sizes.

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