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Интеграция с различными каналами связи

Document all e-mails automatically in your system

With the OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway, you integrate all incoming and outgoing e-mails automatically into your OMNITRACKER system. The E-mail Gateway enables an automated, rule-based processing of incoming and outgoing e-mails and integrates mail servers through standardized e-mail protocols.

Advantages of automated e-mail processing

Benefits at a glance:

  • Central communication base
  • Faster response times
  • Overview and transparency
  • Reliable archiving

The number of incoming messages between service requestors and service organizations is constantly increasing, which causes costs and requires valuable resources. Automatic e-mail processing is particularly useful for e-mail inboxes that bundle different recipients. This uniform and efficient communication in one single tool considerably increases the productivity and efficiency. The OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway is used to integrate external messages into the OMNITRACKER system. There, this information is processed and can be used for all OMNITRACKER applications.

Central communication basis for all departments

The OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway supports different message formats. Therefore, it is the basis for a "Unified Messaging System". With the E-mail Gateway, several e-mail formats are automatically collected in your system and can be processed company-wide. With the modular OMNITRACKER applications, all workflows can be extended by using a central database for all information.

Faster response times for internal and external requests

After the automatic categorization and assignment of incoming messages, a further distribution takes place in the central system, so that all information is available to all OMNITRACKER applications. For example, when ticketing in the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, an automatic assignment of a ticket to the right person (qualified and available) is possible.

Better overview and transparency in message processing

In addition to forwarding to the right person, supporting processes are also initiated in OMNITRACKER (categorizations, assignments, automatic notifications or reminders etc.). For a better overview, automatic e-mails are sent after the completion of relevant individual work steps, so that all parties involved in this process can see the respective processing state. This ensures transparency and correctness in all processes.

Time-saving and reliable archiving

All incoming and outgoing messages are automatically archived in OMNITRACKER. This ensures that no messages are lost and that call histories and requests can be traced, if necessary.

Receive all messages automatically with the OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway.

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Functionality OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway

Incoming requests from customers, suppliers and partners must be classified, assigned, processed, answered and filed. OMNITRACKER takes over these tasks automatically with the E-mail Gateway.

OMNINET's E-mail Gateway automatically captures all incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and is the basis for uniform message processing in OMNITRACKER. The help desk tool OMNITRACKER ITSM Center categorizes requests according to defined specifications and automatically assigns tasks to an available and qualified processor. The sender is notified that the request has been received. Other OMNITRACKER applications are used to initiate further processes (e.g. project management, risk Management or booking requests). The answered inquiries are clearly archived in the OMNITRACKER database.

The comprehensive programming interface OMNITRACKER Automation Interface allows further processing of incoming e-mails in other applications. The OMNITRACKER Automation Interface is part of the OMNITRACKER basic system. The e-mails generated within OMNITRACKER are automatically sent via SMTP, MAPI or MS-Graph (Office 365). It is also possible to create own scripts, which contain rules for further operations. OMNITRACKER objects can be created automatically from incoming e-mails. The use of a full text search helps to search old and new e-mails and e-mail attachments.


Evaluation of e-mail information:

  • Subject
  • E-mail message ("Body" incl. evaluation of the content)
  • Sender and receiver address
  • Appendixes
  • Receipt and read confirmation (DSN)


The gateway-based approach also facilitates the implementation of your security policy. You can continue to use your company's own e-mail infrastructure with OMNITRACKER, including encryption, content and virus checks.

Лояльные пользователи OMNITRACKER

OMNITRACKER делает процессы понятнее и проще

The E-mail Gateway offers you these features:

OMNITRACKER feature Integriert v2


Full product integration into your own infrastructure

Flexible black v2


Extremely high product flexibility: easily adaptable and expandable

OMNITRACKER feature Kombinierbar


Useable for all OMNITRACKER applications

OMNITRACKER feature Automatisch v2


Categorization and recording of messages in the system

OMNITRACKER feature Kosten


Reduction of the administration effort

OMNITRACKER feature dokumentation 01


Traceable and verifiable communication

Automatic assignment of incoming e-mails

OMNITRACKER E mail Gateway Automatische Zuordnung

You receive an e-mail from your customer with information about a change of address. Thanks to the OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway, this message including its attachments is analyzed. It recognizes that it is a change in the master data and forwards this information, e.g. to the base system in OMNITRACKER, where the master data is made available for all applications. Your customer receives a confirmation of receipt of the request. The message is assigned to the appropriate person in charge of master database maintenance. The internal process of master data maintenance is triggered by OMNITRACKER. Now, the person responsible has a new open task and will be notified. After the update has been completed, your customer and the respective account manager will receive a notification about the successful completion of the request.

With the OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway, e-mails are received from mail servers using the protocols POP3, IMAP4, MAPI or MS-Graph. These messages are automatically converted into OMNITRACKER objects, followed by analyzing and processing. The OMNITRACKER E-mail Gateway is the basis for an extensive use of your OMNITRACKER applications.

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