Press release: OMNIVOLUTION—the newest member of the OMNINET Group

Roth, Ellen | 26.04.2024
OMNINET Newsbeitrag PM PR 770x395

The shareholders of the OMNINET Group are celebrating the founding of OMNIVOLUTION GmbH and the resulting expansion of the portfolio in terms of hyperautomation and front-end development.

Founded in 2023, the smart software company perfectly complements OMNINET’s expertise with many years of experience in the areas of customized front-end development, hyperautomation through AI, and outstanding user experience design.

OMNIVOLUTION uses the OMNITRACKER business process automation platform as a basis and makes use of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence for process optimization and automation. Customers therefore benefit not only from the hyperautomation of their digital business processes, but also from a holistic solution for the design, development, and operation of individual web applications and mobile apps that are completely tailored to the needs and requirements of the respective organization.

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Further information about OMNIVOLUTION’s range of services, values, and offerings can be found on the website.


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