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Task Management

Planification et mise en oeuvre efficace des tâches

Vous gardez une vue d’ensemble sur toutes les tâches, même sur des projets complexes et avec des équipes disséminées. Avec OMNITRACKER Task Management, vous pouvez gérer, coordonner et surveiller de manière efficace les tâches au sein de votre organisation. Cette application s’intègre parfaitement dans votre processus d’entreprise et dans d’autres applications OMNITRACKER, et facilite l’ensemble de la gestion des tâches au-delà des limites hiérarchiques et de tâches.

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Your advantages of our task management tool

Advantages at a glance:

  • Task management
  • Quick overview
  • Authorization concept
  • Outlook connection
  • Complete integration
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The condition for a successful, efficient and goal-oriented way of working is accurate task management. With OMNITRACKER Task Management, tasks can be effortlessly planned, created, managed and monitored. This way you keep track of all tasks both within your organization and in locally distributed teams.

Efficient task management

Good task management includes the creation, processing and monitoring of tasks. OMNITRACKER Task Management additionally offers you the possibility to delegate tasks, i.e. assign them to the responsible employee. Prioritization and categorization are also easy to implement. You can combine single tasks to task packages (task threads) and thus keep the overview even in larger projects. The various templates included in Task Management make your day-to-day work even easier. To ensure that your projects adhere to the timeline, you can determine the time for automatic escalation for each task.

Quick overview

Current status and completion dates of all tasks are easy to monitor with OMNITRACKER Task Management. Thanks to clear status displays, you always have an overview of your own and delegated tasks. In addition, various reports and different views provide more transparency when planning your projects.

Proven authorization concept

With the integrated authorization concept, you define the responsible and involved persons. You set authorizations and visibilities, which you can configure according to your individual requirements using a simple low-code command.

Connection with Microsoft® Outlook®

You can create, edit and complete your tasks directly in Outlook. Through the connection of OMNITRACKER, they are continuously updated and archived, avoiding duplicate processing.

Seamless integration with other OMNITRACKER applications

OMNITRACKER Task Management can be used in combination with other OMNITRACKER applications.

It is therefore possible to create tasks from different OMNITRACKER applications. Thereby the central database of the OMNITRACKER platform is accessed.

Doing tasks smartly.

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This is how getting tasks done with OMNITRACKER works

Functions Task Management EN

Complete process support
OMNITRACKER Task Management allows you to manage, coordinate and monitor all tasks and task packages within your organization, significantly increasing efficiency. Up-to-date view and filter options as well as reports provide you with the necessary transparency. Via OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 you can work on your projects independent of location via mobile phone and tablet. OMNITRACKER Task Management supports the entire workflow of tasks and task packages (task threads):

Simple creation of tasks
In addition to creating and delegating tasks and task threads, you can prioritize them and assign tasks to specific projects, processes or people. Assignment of task types facilitates processing and coordination. For effective task control, you can individually define due dates, processing periods, as well as involved and responsible employees.

Efficient processing of tasks
OMNITRACKER Task Management integrates seamlessly into your business processes. You determine whether the responsible persons of a task are automatically notified by email and whether the task should be synchronized with Microsoft® Outlook®. This means that tasks can also be conveniently processed on the move on a smartphone or tablet. For recurring or similar tasks and task packages, it is useful to create templates. Any file attachments can be added to each task and task thread. Thanks to a well thought-out authorization concept, all employees can access the tasks that are relevant to them. Role-based responsibilities can also be assigned. For example, if a task is assigned to the Sales role, all employees included in the Sales user group can edit this task.

Effective monitoring of all tasks
OMNITRACKER Task Management offers you a quick overview of the states of all tasks at any time, which are color-coded for better clarity. Preconfigured, customizable management reports enable regular evaluations; OMNILYTICS, for example, is suitable for tracking and evaluating individual tasks. Existing reports can be flexibly adapted and easily reused.

Clean completion of tasks
The “Completed” state terminates the tasks. As soon as all related tasks have been completed, the parent task thread is automatically closed. This makes it easy to see which tasks have already been completed and which still need to be processed.

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Task management in the modern Business Process Ecosystem

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Cross-team task distribution

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Integration into Microsoft® Outlook®

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Overview of current state

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Creation of transparent reports

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Simple rights and role management via the OMNITRACKER platform

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Flexible customization and integration options

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