OMNINET Unternehmen S 3840x660



Meer dan 750 klanten gebruiken het universele platform voor bedrijfsprocessen OMNITRACKER met succes:

  • wereldwijd
  • brancheoverkoepelend
  • in bedrijven en organisaties van verschillende groottes – van een paar honderd tot meer dan honderdduizend medewerkers

Onze klanten profiteren van vooraf geconfigureerde en klantspecifiek aangepaste applicaties, die hun bedrijfsprocessen optimaal ondersteunen. Een overzicht van de out-of-the-box-applicaties vindt u onder Applicaties.

Jaarlijks kan de OMNINET-groep maar liefst 100 bedrijven en organisaties tot zijn nieuwe klanten rekenen.

Overtuigde OMNITRACKER gebruikers

OMNITRACKER maakt processen overzichtelijker en eenvoudiger

With OMNITRACKER the company IT operates with greater efficiency and we are achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

An outstanding and superior service is essential for our customers. OMNITRACKER supports us in achieving this via the registration and follow-up of customer enquiries.

Alexander Zwart, Head Cash Management Operations

A complex web-based contract management solution has been created with OMNITRACKER through constructive, direct and goal-oriented communication with the support of the competent OMNINET consultants.

Frank Merkel

Thanks to OMNITRACKER, we have been able to introduce ITIL-based processes and increase the quality of our IT Services.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

We appreciate the very personal and uncomplicated contact with OMNINET as manufacturer of our OMNITRACKER installations. In addition, the highly flexible applications and the support of the competent OMNINET employees are a valuable factor for us.

Curt Eylers, Group IT

For many years, OMNITRACKER has been our central platform for integrated and highly automated business processes.
In addition to the ITSM processes with which we started, today we also use OMNITRACKER to handle the majority of our administrative, logistics and compliance processes.

David Wester, Manager Service & Support

With OMNITRACKER ITSM Center we have taken a significant step forward on our way from grown structures to integrated Enterprise Service Management and thus to improving customer satisfaction.

Michael Niekut, Head of Service Operations Center

With OMNITRACKER we have the freedom to implement and adapt our processes by ourselves without having to rely on external support. The simple and seamless connection to third-party systems, such as our own TGW service portal, optimally supports our processes.

Stefan Hamann, Head of Application Services

OMNITRACKER provides us the opportunity to adapt all applications to our specific requirements with low configuration effort and it also guarantees release compatibility.
Moreover, we enjoy working with OMNINET's friendly and dedicated team.

Christopher Müll, Project Leader OMNITRACKER

The OMNITRACKER meets our most important requirements on BPM:
stability, flexibility, connectivity and transparency.
Complemented by professional consulting and friendly customer service, the result is a purposeful symbiosis of man and technology.

Jörg Suthoff, Chief Digital Officer