OMNITRACKER Task Management 3840x1060 Task Management Tool Software Aufgaben organisieren

Task Management

Software made in Germany v2

Planning and implementing tasks efficiently

Keep track of all tasks, even in complex projects and distributed teams. Using OMNITRACKER Task Management you can manage, coordinate and monitor tasks efficiently within your organization. The application integrates seamlessly into your business operations and other OMNITRACKER applications and facilitates overall task management across task and organizational boundaries.

Manage and monitor tasks within work groups

  • Planning
  • Management
  • Monitoring

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OMNITRACKER Task Management: Your key benefits

Efficient task management

  • Creation, processing and monitoring of tasks
  • Task delegation
  • Prioritization and categorization
  • Define automated escalations
  • Define task threads
  • Define templates for tasks and task threads

Quick overview

  • Easy status and schedule monitoring
  • Clear status displays of individual and delegated tasks
  • Transparent reports and views

Mature permissions concept

  • Detailed definition of responsible, participating and authorized persons
  • Fully configurable permissions
  • Precise definition of visibilities

Full integration

  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®