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OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services for External Web Services

Reliable data exchange via SOAP connection

SOAP is a network protocol developed to exchange data between systems on the web, but also to handle so-called remote procedure calls (requests). OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services enable and standardize communication between external applications, making them web-enabled.

Advantages of SOAP interfaces

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Independence
  • Requests for data exchange
  • Industry standard
  • Security—thanks to compliance

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a standard protocol, which was developed to allow independent communication between applications—using various programming languages on different platforms. In specific, OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services exchange information over a network and provide standardized data integrity as well as a remote procedure call mechanism for various requests to web services. This international industry standard provides built-in rules (compliance) that make SOAP attractive for specific enterprise scenarios.

SOAP is independent

Platforms and is thus independent of operating systems, programming languages and object models. Moreover, it can be used with different transport protocols. Mostly, HTTP/S is chosen, but SOAP requests may also be sent via JMS or via the SMTP/POP3 email protocols. The standard internet protocols facilitate operation even across firewalls.

Data supply without data exchange

Use web services for requests from external systems and provide them with the desired answers. Thereby, only the requested information is externalized. Furthermore, you can also send queries to external web services and just receive the results you need. Thanks to authentications, the specific requests are performed securely.

International industry standard according to W3C

SOAP is a standard protocol that allows applications with different languages and platforms to communicate with each other. This standard has a comprehensive tool help for easy handling. In addition, this industry standard enables intuitive implementation of web services. The SOAP information set is also a standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with the state "Recommendation". Such information set specifications are used, for example, as the basis for other specifications that make statements about the formal information content of XML documents.


Integrated security and transaction compliance

SOAP web services provide built-in security and transaction compliance that meet many (even more stringent) enterprise requirements. Built-in compliance standards include security as well as the so-called AKID properties (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability), which allow reliable database transactions.

Information exchange from and with external web services via OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services.

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Functionality of OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services

Funktionsweise IFB SOAP WS

OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services consist of both the OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Consumer and the OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Provider. This allows you to import information from external systems into OMNITRACKER, but also to export information for further external processing.

SOAP Consumer

OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Consumer for data integration

With OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Consumer, you integrate data from external SOAP web services into OMNITRACKER in just a few steps. Via the configuration, you define which data of the web service should be used in which OMNITRACKER fields. OMNITRACKER provides you with its own user interface, which significantly reduces the configuration effort when applying external web services. You define all necessary data for the communication with the web service in profiles, which are used during the data exchange.

In addition, use SOAP requests with a so-called Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to display results from external systems. With such a request to external systems, you get only the required result, not entire data sets that you import into your system. With the help of this procedure, you avoid data redundancy and viruses.

SOAP Provider

OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Provider for data export

With the OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Provider, you supply any data from your system to other web services. You can filter the individual data sets and access them from subdirectories. Endpoint mappings are used to establish a server-side connection between the URL and a script. This script can be, for example, a read-only script.

External systems can also make requests to the OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Provider to obtain specific information. This procedure is advantageous as you only pass on the requested information. Moreover, there is no data exchange via exports and imports, which improves security when passing on information.

Features of OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Services:

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Full product integration into your own infrastructure

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High product flexibility: easily customizable and extensible

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Usable for all OMNITRACKER applications

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Login with the help of the stored access data

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Save administration efforts

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Data exchange with external web services in real time

OMNITRACKER rend les processus plus clairs et plus simples

Distribution of newsletters with SOAP Web Services


You have created the content of your monthly newsletter with an external web service tool and now you want to send it. With the OMNITRACKER SOAP Web Service Consumer, you use the request "Send Newsletter" to provide your master data like customer name, email and language. You can filter this data in advance and use, for example, only the customers who have agreed to the newsletter dispatch. The external newsletter tool can apply the requested information to send the newsletters. Your customers' records do not need to be exported or imported. Based on the selected fields, you can also choose the language and thus send your newsletter in multiple languages. Your customer data is perfectly protected, since only the relevant information—not entire data records—is retrieved.

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