Duracell Russia switched to the business process management platform from OMNINET


Moscow - Duracell Russia, Russian branch of the world leader in batteries and accumulators production, has implemented a fully automated process for financial document management based on OMNITRACKER modular platform. OMNINET Russia and CIS, Russian division of European software products vendor for business process automation was the developer of this solution. Based on the results of the implemented project, Duracell Russia obtained a modern platform for managing the processes in the company, including document flow system with a transparent document approval scheme and the possibility of remote viewing and reconciliation. In addition, within OMNITRACKER system, the storage and archiving of contracts with versions of each document, as well as managing the partners’ database systems are implemented.

"We finished the project of implementing an automated process management system in Duracell Russia in April 2018," says Michael Dobner, CEO OMNINET Russia and CIS. – “At the same time, we have configured the platform functionality for Duracell considering the requirements of the customer and the rules that exist in the company for interactions with counterparties and internal document management, literally from the scratch. And here OMNITRACKER platform showed its strengths ".

The main customer and the key future user of the system was financial department of Duracell. During the initial negotiations, the introduction of a modern system of electronic document flow, storage of key documents - financial, accounting, legal, as well as correspondence with partners, customers and distributors was discussed. Several goals were set for the system developer: to implement the system for processing all incoming documents according to Duracell Russia standard, tracking the start and end dates of contracts to start the procedure for their timely extension, organizing the storage of all electronic copies of documents throughout their lifecycle and prevention of work with suppliers who have not passed Due Diligence procedure and who do not have a valid contract with the company.

As Michael Dobner says, the standard functionality of the "boxed" solution did not cover all the aspects of business processes that exist in Duracell Russia. However, by adjusting the product to the customer's requirements, a flexible approach in the system was quickly applied, thus very often even before the end of the current meeting with the customer, ideas and requirements regarding the schemes and sequences of processes were already automated. Even the specialists of Duracell financial department who did not have deep technical knowledge could visually understand how the configuration of the system and built-in processes can on-the-fly be changed right in the middle of the negotiations. As a result, along with the basic functionality, the customer received a simple and intuitive interface for working with documents, the ability to attach additional agreements to the document, fully customized fields in accordance with the existing rules of the company as well as a set of other options.

"The fact that we use the OMNITRACKER platform ourselves in our Russian division of OMNINET, played a significant role on the customer’s decision," said Michael Dobner. – “Customers who comes to our office can see how we have automated processes and implemented the document flow in our company. It's one thing when it is explained in the power point, it’s all different when it comes to practice, when
one can see the process automation in a real working business”. In addition, Duracell with OMNITRACKER solution have obtained the flexible features of this modular platform for configuring and connecting additional business processes to the system.

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