OMNITRACKER is the first ITIL®4-certified ITSM tool worldwide

Voit, Stefan | 03.06.2020
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OMNINET celebrates world premiere

Only three weeks after the official release of the new SERVIEW certification category "Service Management Version IV", OMNITRACKER is confirmed to be compliant with ITIL®4 in 15 of the practices it contains. OMNITRACKER is the first ITSM software internationally to be certified according to ITIL®4 with the SERVIEW CERTIFIEDTOOL seal of approval.

For this certification, more than 700 questions, consisting of mandatory and optional criteria, had to be answered in an assessment sheet in the first step. Afterwards the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER proved its ITIL®4 conformity in a live demonstration. All items tested by SERVIEW were rated excellent, which is why OMNITRACKER was the first helpdesk software to be certified as ITIL®4-compliant for the tested practices.

What is ITIL®?

ITIL® ("IT Infrastructure Library") is a globally approved best practice catalog. ITIL® provides well-founded and industry-independent recommendations in the area of ITSM, and thus supports organizations of all sizes in continuously developing their (IT) service quality and in designing IT processes in a goal-oriented and resource-saving manner. ITIL®4 is the latest version of the framework for helpdesk tools. It supplements and extends the existing ITIL®V3 version ITIL®4 focuses on a stronger practical and user orientation. In addition, fewer individual processes are evaluated as in ITIL®V3, but the focus is now even more on IT service landscapes on high level approach.

Further information about the version update from ITIL®V3 to ITIL®4 can be found in our news article: "OMNITRACKER is ready for ITIL®4 ".

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