Research In Action study 2020: OMNITRACKER convinces all along the line

Voit, Stefan | 28.05.2020
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The Research In Action study 2020 examines how German upper SME companies evaluate their IT service management and enterprise service management solutions. To this purpose, 750 IT managers with budget responsibility were interviewed in detail, which accounts for about 60% of the assessments. 40 % of the assessments were made by analysts and experts.

OMNITRACKER from OMNINET enjoys a further increasing popularity. OMNINET currently supports more than 850 active customer installations with a strong upward trend. Customers and analysts appreciate besides 100% made in Germany that OMNINET:

  • focuses on a single product,

  • puts the customer at the center of attention,

  • has the core business in its own house and

  • pursues sustainable business practices.

The OMNINET product portfolio is rated as innovative and mature. The entire ITIL® spectrum is covered, with customers having the choice between on-premises installations and cloud-based SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solutions.

OMNITRACKER covers with its applications the standard IT service management and 12 additional topics in Enterprise Service Management in a process oriented way. Further highlights are customizing without programming and contractually guaranteed release compatibility, which convince customers of OMNITRACKER.

OMNINET achieved the highest rating of all providers in terms of both customer satisfaction and value for money and secured second place in Research In Action's “Recommendation Index”.


Let OMNITRACKER inspire you too!


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