Live session: Efficiently digitize service demands in healthcare facilities

Voit, Stefan | 18.10.2021
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Important note: This live session will be held in German language.

On November 9, at 10:00 am to 10:45 am, OMNINET will host a free live session on the topic:

“Efficiently digitize service demands in healthcare facilities”

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Initial situation in German hospitals and university clinics

In healthcare facilities, services from external partners or service providers are often still requested manually and analogously, e.g. via telephone and paper forms. This procedure is inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone. The following regularly required services can be requested digitally:

  • Special cleaning beyond regular cleaning times (sterilizations, traffic areas, etc.)
  • Repair and maintenance services and relocation of medical equipment
  • Disposal of medications and broken equipment
  • Pick-up and drop-off services, patient transports
  • Material requirements (e.g. oxygen containers)
  • Classic IT services in the event of IT infrastructure defects
  • Facility-specific requested services

The request process for these and similar services can be handled much more efficiently with a software solution. Your ward staff selects the desired service from predefined categories and orders these services. All further steps are automated, so that involved persons are notified and can view required information about the order.

Sequence and goal of the live session on digital requirements management

In our live session on November 9, we will show you how digital request management in healthcare facilities is solved with OMNITRACKER using two exemplary use cases.

The objective is to enable your hospital staff to digitally request all regularly required services themselves with just a handful of clicks in a self-service portal.

All further steps in the process chain are automated by the software: from notifying the service provider to billing and documenting all services. All requests can be booked from any mobile device and forwarded directly to the service-providing service personnel on site. A connection to existing systems can be implemented due to the numerous generic interfaces of OMNITRACKER.

Benefits of software-supported request management with OMNITRACKER

The processing of numerous service requests can be standardized in many cases and thus made more efficient. For example, all necessary information is completely queried by the software directly during the request. This prevents delays due to callbacks and the requested services can be performed faster and without errors. Directly and indirectly, such efficient request management results in numerous advantages:

  • Higher workload, as communication paths are shortened and rooms can thus be reoccupied more quickly (e.g., in the event of contamination or technical problems)
  • More time for actual ward services and the treatment of patients
  • Easier and faster requesting of (external) services, which prevents backlogs at computers or telephones within a ward. It also eliminates waiting and idle time for your staff, as there is no need to wait for orders to be accepted.
  • Less likely to make errors, as orders are not forgotten or misunderstandings occur.
  • Easier billing of all services used thanks to predefined, categorized services with contractually defined minimum standards regarding service quality, availability and completion times.
  • Better planning reliability, as you systematically document your requested services. Long-term analyses of this data help you better coordinate your request management in the station service and ensure availability.
  • The underlying roles and rights concept ensures that only authenticated service bookings are made.

Digital Service Management with the OMNITRACKER software solution

OMNINET supports hospitals and university clinics in digital communication between ward staff and (external) service providers, for example for cleaning and hygiene services, pick-up and drop-off services, and the communicative handling of (IT) equipment repairs and maintenance.

All services, service categories and processes including all substeps can be flexibly defined with OMNITRACKER. Process flows can be changed or extended at any time, for example if other departments and locations need to be involved or if new external service partners need to be commissioned.

OMNINET is a specialist in the smooth processing of digital services. Numerous institutions in the health and care sector as well as university hospitals already rely on the OMNITRACKER Business Process Ecosystem as their central service management platform.

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Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to your participation. For any questions regarding content and organization, please feel free to contact us via email:

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