OMNINET could win the CTG Headquarter in the USA as partner

Voit, Stefan | 20.08.2018

Computer Task Group Incorporated ("CTG") has been providing IT solutions, consulting and outsourcing services in the USA and Europe for more than 50 years. CTG was founded in 1966 and today employs 3,500 people as a NASDAQ-listed stock exchange company. CTG and OMNINET already have a successful cooperation through their regional offices in Belgium and together support several customers.
This is also the reason why strategic partner management in the USA has now become aware of us. The business unit there regards OMNITRACKER as a central component of its newly rolled out "Enterprise Information Management" offering. Besides the OMNITRACKER standard applications, the BPM functions of the platform will also play an important role in the sales approach of the partner. Together with its headquarters in Bufallo, NY, CTG has a total of 15 US locations. This enables the partner to serve its North American customers locally in all 6 US time zones. OMNINET therefore hopes to profit from the North American sales force and local presence of the partner in return and to further increase the number of customers and awareness of OMNITRACKER in the USA.
Further information on the solutions offered, in which OMNITRACKER will be included as a component, is available under the following links:


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