OMNITRACKER update: release 12.1.0

Voit, Stefan | 06.04.2021
Release 12.1.0 OMNITRACKER

OMNITRACKER version 12.1.0 is officially released and available for download. With the latest version upgrade, numerous features in our Web Gateway 2.0 are available. Details on the release and helpful information on how to install the new version can be found in the release notes. Visit our the OMNINET Customer Portal for further information on the new version.

New features of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2.0

  • A "Message of the day" can be set to indicate important events or current regulations within an organization.
  • A user name can also be displayed for WebGuests.
  • A calendar view has been added.
  • Avatar icons are available for use in numerous other tool functions (e.g., for time stamps or in lists).
  • The shortcut bar can be hidden and pinned.
  • A signature pad has been introduced to add digital signatures to forms.
  • The header search with comprehensive search functions is now available.
  • It is now possible to customize the color and layout scheme of the user interface (including a dark theme).

Further innovations in OMNITRACKER

  • New configuration options for forms have been added.
  • Some performance improvements in the OMNITRACKER Administration Client have been made.
  • Exchange Online can be synchronized via the Interface Bus.
  • The maximum size of email attachments when using Exchange Online is no longer limited to 4 MB.

New authentication methods

  • Authentications with JWT and SAML 2.0 are possible for guest logins.
  • Web sessions can be encrypted with TLS.
  • Authentication methods for (external) remote access.

Preview of subsequent versions up to and including 12.3.0

The versions up to and including 12.3.0 deal with the feature parity of the Web Gateway 2.0. The functions and applications of the classic OMNITRACKER Web Gateway will therefore also be usable in the Web Gateway 2.0 until then. The order of the transferred features follows a step-by-step plan and is based on the frequency of use. All OMNITRACKER standard applications are usable in Web Gateway 2.0 from version 12.2.0 on.

Contact us if you have any questions about the new version or if you want to migrate your existing system to the latest OMNITRACKER version:

Click on the corresponding links for pdf download:

Update Guide - 12.1.0

Release Notes - 12.1.0

OT Requirements - 12.1.0

Retired 3rdParty Product Support - 12.1.0


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