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OMNINET values

Corporate values

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Our vision:

We make complex business processes simple for every company!

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Our mission:

We deliver the most flexible all-in-one solution for easy digitization and automation of workflows. Together with our customers, we implement robust business process solutions to realize the full potential of every business.

Our values

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OMNINET as a company and each employee for themself act at all times partner-like, reliable and flexible. This is evident in our dealings with each other among colleagues as well as with customers. The highest premise is “simple”—whether in daily cooperation, or when it comes to customer projects. In order for all processes to run quickly and efficiently, flexibility and reliability are required from each individual.

With us everything revolves around: simplicity 

We prefer the simplest solution, because we are convinced that the direct way brings the fastest and most effective solution to your projects.

For us, simple does not mean taking shortcuts.
We pay attention to details as well as to quality, and we take the time to listen to you.

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What we stand for:


  • Our solution adapts to the customer, not the other way round.
  • Our solutions are as individual as our customers' requirements and can be adapted and rolled out quickly and easily.
  • Whether independently or with our support, we have developed our solution platform to meet individual requirements and allow business processes to be adapted by anyone at any time.


  • We are committed to the long-term stability of the company and our solutions in order to provide our customers with investment and planning security at all times.
  • All product decisions serve to provide the customer with a secure, stable and efficiently usable solution.
  • For more investment security, our solution platform is designed for long-term use. We ensure that the core system can continue to be used without restrictions with every release update. We call this release compatibility.


  • Our highest goal is that our customers achieve their goals. This means that we aim to implement every project for our customers efficiently and effectively.
  • Our employees work with our customers on an equal footing.
  • We offer our customers transparency for our services and the expected result at any time.

All our corporate values play into our objectives.

To the OMNINET objectives

OMNINET career

You can't live your values without a good team. If you share our attitude, we are looking forward to your support. 


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