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Data-based decisions with OMNILYTICS

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Business Intelligence (BI) is the IT-based visual representation of big data volumes and KPIs in real-time cockpits or via regular reports. The aim of these evaluations is to make quicker and better management decisions and to identify risks at an early stage. With these structured analyses, transformation processes can thrive, resources can be saved, and potentials can be used in the best possible way.

OMNILYTICS builds the bridge between the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER and various BI services, BI modeling methods as well as export formats, e.g. interactive dashboards and individually designed regular reports.

Business Intelligence (BI): big data becomes smart data

With a well-thought-out Business Intelligence solution, you gain decisive competitive advantages. You recognize weak points in your workflows quicker, and you are able to respond to market trends in due time.

The initial analysis of your workflow architecture forms the basis of a goal-oriented Business Intelligence strategy. You will only profit optimally if you can visualize and evaluate the most relevant data out of the mass of your data.

We would be pleased to support you in all stages of your Business Intelligence implementation: from business analysis and preparation of the specification via modeling and implementation up to evaluation and optimization of your BI models.

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Advantages of the analytics software OMNILYTICS

Advantages at a glance:

  • Central database
  • Flexible use and licensing models

  • Numerous analysis formats

  • Integrate third-party systems via connectors

  • Structured and holistic documentation

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When it comes to data analyses, real benefit results from the right strategy when selecting and interpreting your data. Optimally, you connect relevant information across departments and processes. Thus, you know in advance how to interpret possible results.

For the structured implementation—in addition to BI expertise—a flexible software solution is required to select the decision-critical data from the mass of your data, to retrieve it continuously and to present the information obtained in an appealing way and clearly arranged.

Central database for holistic analyses

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the process, periodic performance analyses should take place in which company data is included across departments. All data sources can be integrated into OMNILYTICS. You can use the central database of your process platform including connected third-party systems—independent of the vendor—for data modeling, evaluation and visualization of your KPIs

On-premises, cloud or hybrid licensing models

In order to have more flexibility, you can choose how you manage and provide your data. The integration options in OMNILYTICS allow you to incorporate your BI models into your existing system architecture, and to use them for evaluations and analyses from any device afterwards.

Various analysis formats and target-group-specific presentations

Stay flexible with your analytics strategy and define all reporting parameters by yourself. Each team member and every department has access to precisely the information they need—in an output format that can be individually defined. In the next step, this structured data from all departments facilitates evidence-based decisions at management level.

With a combination of real-time KPIs and long-term data, you generate higher transparency and better understanding of processes for all parties involved. Benefit from multiple analysis and export formats (such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI Reporting Services) with automated, dynamic distribution options and controlled access as well as authorization concepts.

Integrate third-party systems with connectors

Numerous predefined connectors support you in expanding your central database and ensuring the exchange of information between your core system and third-party systems. This expansion option and the overall high scalability of the BI solution OMNILYTICS also allow you to extend your BI strategy with data mining and predictive analysis, which enables more advanced and in-depth evaluations.

More transparency thanks to secure documentation

With OMNILYTICS, you can verifiably document services provided by regularly generating your SLA (Service Level Agreement) measurement values. On the one hand, this allows you to carry out accurate and transparent performance evaluations internally. On the other hand, services provided to customers can be better tracked and invoiced. At the same time, reliable documentation makes it possible to verify whether contractually defined targets regarding quality, availability and processing speed have actually been met

Understanding data as a valuable product with Business Intelligence.


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Your modular Business Intelligenc tool | BI tool

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OMNILYTICS is a modularly structured all-in-one solution for requirements in the areas of Business Intelligence, reporting and analytics, based on the BI tools of the market leader Microsoft®. With the OMNILYTICS Data Factory Solution, you create a central data pool that you can access for all your analyses. With the OMNILYTICS Modeler, you create data models that are the basis of your individual dashboards and reportings. OMNILYTICS BPMN helps to better evaluate automated workflows. The OMNILYTICS Library offers proven BI templates for efficient implementation.

With our unique and innovative consulting concept, OMNILYTICS Services, we develop your individual BI strategy together with you. Therefore, we support you in modeling your data and jointly build the necessary software architecture. In an agile sprint process, the project objectives and the strategic approach are defined before implementation and evaluation begin. This procedure keeps you flexible and provides you with quick and sustainable results. This way, you generate real value out of your data.


All data sources can be integrated in OMNILYTICS. It is possible to use the central database of your process platform including connected third-party systems—independent of the vendor—for data modeling, evaluation and visualization of your KPIs. An OMNITRACKER integration (including all OMNITRACKER applications) as well as data output directly in the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER is possible. All BI data can be stored and accessed on-premises, via cloud and mobile to create, among other things, performance cockpits, target-group-specific reportings as well as periodically generated reports for the company’s management board

Modules of the Business Intelligence software OMNILYTICS | BI tool

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With the OMNILYTICS Modeler, you easily create target-group-oriented BI models as a basis for all further analyses.

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Our OMNILYTICS Services include a field-proven consulting and implementation concept for structured planned and agile implemented BI projects.

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OMNILYTICS BPMN helps you to evaluate automated workflows in a structured manner and optimize them in detail to create the best possible outcome.

OMNILYTICS Module BI-Tool WuerfelOS 740x370 klein


The OMNILYTICS Library is a repository of tested templates for BI models. This way, you can start with your BI analyses quickly.

OMNILYTICS Module BI-Tool WuerfelOS 740x370 klein

OMNILYTICS Data Factory Solution

The OMNILYTICS Data Factory Solution is a central data pool that you can also access mobile at any time for all analyses.

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Foundation for all analyses: the OMNILYTICS Modeler

The user-friendly OMNILYTICS Modeler allows the simple and clear creation of data models. Well-planned and sensibly structured data modeling is a prerequisite for all subsequent work steps of your analytics projects, including visual preparation.

Use the OMNILYTICS Modeler for:

  • an effective modeling of your data.
  • a variable translation of the analysis model contents into different languages.
  • a verifiable, versioned documentation.

You can extend OMNILYTICS Modeler with an integration of further analysis functionalities. BI model conversions, i.e. the import/export of BI models, can be performed between the different types. Furthermore, an integration of metadata via so-called connectors (e.g. BPMN and OMNITRACKER Database Views) or via third-party systems is possible. The OMNILYTICS Modeler provides simplified modeling and documentation for your BI analyses.

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Detailed features of the Business Intelligence software OMNILYTICS

Thanks to the integration into the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER, you remain flexible in the implementation of your BI strategy and you do not depend on third-party systems. Thus, you reduce your database maintenance efforts.
BI Express features Out of the box library v2

Library with out-of-the-box templates for easy creation of BI models

BI Express features Performance v2

Visual processing of actual/target comparisons to evaluate current performances and capacities

BI Express features Dashboards 02

Numerous export formats including the display directly in OMNITRACKER

BI Express features Data Warehouse v2

Optional data warehouse to make data from different sources and formats centrally available

BI Express features Customize v5

Interactive KPI cockpits to meet your requirements

BI Express features Rollen v2

Consideration of your hierarchical structures as well as your role and authorization concept

Understanding data as a valuable product with BI

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The structured and target-group-specific provision of long-term and real-time data is essential in order to make evidence-based decisions—both in daily business and in long-term investment or strategy issues. In order to be able to recognize and evaluate relevant correlations, data silos, i.e. data sets that are considered in isolation, must be broken down.

With a targeted analytics strategy, you secure decisive competitive advantages and benefit from long-term economic future security. Thanks to the efficient implementation of OMNILYTICS in an agile BI project environment combined with sustainable results, the return on investment (ROI) is quickly achieved.

Agile BI consulting with guaranteed results after each sprint

Achieve your targets. Agile and smart.

Your benefits:

  • Integrated BI consulting and implementation combined in an agile process model
  • Transparent costs and defined scope of services
  • Quick start and low investment costs
  • Consulting services supported by an efficient, customizable and field-proven BI analysis platform
  • Access to know-how and experience of the entire consulting team
OMNILYTICS BI Consulting BI-Software

Our OMNILYTICS Services cover a consulting and implementation concept developed by OMNINET for the Business Intelligence solution OMNILYTICS. To ensure clear communication, a workshop is conducted at the beginning of the project, in which all stakeholders are involved, and the specifications are documented. In this way, the requirements of management, departments and, if necessary, developers can be collected, evaluated and then be set as project goals.

With our standardized consulting concept, a comprehensive business analysis of your data structure is essential. Processes and all kinds of data (e.g. master data, sales and monitoring data) are critically examined, as well as technical or industry-specific KPIs or SLA indicators. During this step, it is particularly important to identify relevant dependencies and contexts. The more successful this interpretation is during data analysis, the more meaningful your subsequent reports will be.

Afterwards, the selected data sets are visualized, so that they can be used quickly and effectively as a basis for decision-making. To this end, our analytics experts will work with you on the concrete presentation of your dashboards and other output formats.

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We are also happy to offer you advice on your (initial) BI strategy and support you step by step in analyzing existing structures.

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Seamless interaction in all-in-one software

ITSM Ticketing System

Process Automation

OMNILYTICS can also be integrated into third-party systems in order to analyze process data in a structured way and present it visually.

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