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OMNILYTICS. The flexible Business Intelligence solution


Business Intelligence (BI) is the IT-based visual representation of big data volumes and KPIs in real-time cockpits or via regular reports. The aim of these evaluations is to make faster and better management decisions and to identify risks at an early stage. With these structured analyses, service processes can be improved in the long term, resources can be saved and potentials can be used in the best possible way.

OMNILYTICS builds the bridge between the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER and various BI services, BI modeling methods as well as export formats. For visualization, OMNITRACKER uses, among others, the Business Intelligence technology of Microsoft® (MS Power BI) to create interactive dashboards as well as perfectly customized periodic reports. Thanks to numerous connectors, its central database is expandable.

You can find everything you need to know about OMNILYTICS in a nutshell in our factsheet.

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Your benefits of the analytics solution OMNILYTICS

  • Make data-based decisions and recognize optimization potentials by conducting regular performance analyses.
  • Create more transparency and process understanding across departments and rely on a combination of real-time KPIs and long-term data.
  • Keep your analytics strategy flexible and define all reporting and analysis parameters by yourself.
  • Use OMNILYTICS to document your performed services by regularly measuring your SLAs.
  • Benefit from a variety of import and export formats (e-mail, browser displays, Excel, PDF, MS SSAS, MS Power BI ...).
  • Extend your central database with numerous connectors. On-premises, cloud and hybrid database models are possible.
  • Improve your BI strategy with data mining and predictive analysis thanks to scalability.

With OMNILYTICS you can display dashboards and complex analyses directly in OMNITRACKER without exporting.

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BI consulting for your project

Achieve your targets. Agile and smart.

Your Benefits:

  • Integrated BI consulting and implementation combined in an agile process model
  • Transparent costs and defined scope of services
  • Quick start and low investment costs
  • Consulting services supported by an efficient, customizable and field-proven BI analysis platform
  • Access to know-how and experience of the entire consulting team

BI Agile is an implementation concept developed by OMNINET for the business intelligence solution OMNILYTICS. To ensure clear communication, a workshop is held at the beginning of the project, in which all stakeholders are involved and the specifications are developed. In this way, the requirements of management, departments and, if necessary, developers can be collected, evaluated and then be set as project goals.

With our standardized consulting concept, a comprehensive business analysis of your data structure is essential. Processes and all kinds of data (e.g. master data, sales and monitoring data) are critically examined, as well as technical or industry-specific KPIs, SLA indicators or key performance indicators. During this step, it is particularly important to identify relevant dependencies and contexts. The more successful this interpretation is during data analysis, the more meaningful your subsequent reports will be.

Then, the selected data sets are visualized, so that they can be used quickly and effectively as a basis for decision-making. To this end, our analytics experts will work with you on the concrete presentation of your dashboards and other output formats.

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Detailed features of the Business Intelligence solution OMNILYTICS

Thanks to the integration into the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER, you remain flexible in the implementation of your BI strategy and you do not depend on third-party systems. Thus, you reduce your database maintenance efforts.
BI Express features Out of the box library v2

Library with out-of-the-box templates for easy creation of BI models

BI Express features Performance v2

Visual processing of actual/target comparisons to evaluate current performances and capacities

BI Express features Dashboards 02

Numerous export formats including the display directly in OMNITRACKER

BI Express features Data Warehouse v2

Optional data warehouse to make data from different sources and formats centrally available

BI Express features Customize v5

Interactive KPI cockpits to meet your requirements

BI Express features Rollen v2

Consideration of your hierarchical structures as well as your role and authorization concept

BI Desktop and BI Enterprise: two levels of data analysis

The requirements for an analytics solution vary depending e.g. on your communication structure and the process complexity. With Microsoft BI Desktop and BI Enterprise, we offer you two Business Intelligence solutions.

We support you in assessing your needs and meeting your requirements.

BI Desktop

BI Desktop provides basic reporting functions and can be used without additional tools. An integration of your data via the Microsoft SSRS web interface is possible by using the Windows client or the web client of OMNITRACKER.

BI Enterprise

BI Enterprise has additional functions such as a data warehouse integration including history functions and guided business analysis. You also benefit from multidimensional analysis options and, thanks to its scalability, you can extend your BI strategy to include data mining and predictive analysis.

Seamless interaction

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Process Automation

OMNILYTICS can also be integrated into third-party systems in order to analyze process data in a structured way and present it visually.

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