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Configuration Environment

Easy and flexible configuration of OMNITRACKER

Adapt OMNITRACKER precisely to suit your needs. The very flexible, extremely powerful and yet easy-to-manage configuration options enable you to adapt OMNITRACKER to almost any requirements. You can use all OMNITRACKER applications out of the box, but they are also fully customizable, thanks to the totally open configuration. The OMNITRACKER applications perfectly map your different business processes.

The OMNITRACKER Configuration Environment is part of the OMNITRACKER platform. It contains easy-to-use configuration dialogues and provides many functions and tools for the comprehensive configuration of your OMNITRACKER applications. This means that OMNITRACKER can be expanded to include additional functions as desired.

All configuration changes are fully release-compatible. This means that you can continue to use all OMNITRACKER applications with all configured functionalities after updating the OMNITRACKER platform. This gives you a high level of investment security.

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OMNITRACKER Configuration Environment: Your Key Benefits

Universal business process platform

  • Modular design
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Applications that can be used out of the box
  • Fully configurable
  • Creation of custom applications
  • Release compatibility
  • Multi-client capability

Comprehensive configuration options

  • Flexible data modelling
  • Precise definition of workflows
  • Detailed permissions rules
  • Creation of forms for Windows and the Web
  • Support for multilingual configurations

Powerful configuration tools

  • Graphic workflow editor
  • Form editor
  • Script editor
  • Rule editor

Easy distribution of configuration results

  • Compilation of configuration results in packages
  • Export and import of configuration packages
  • Needs-based expansion of the OMNITRACKER installation

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