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OMNITRACKER the Business Process Ecosystem

Effective service desk

Would you like to reduce the flood of incoming incident emails?

Would you like to automatically address the correct employee?

Would you like to communicate with customers in different ways and have an overview of the entire communication process?

Fundamental business processes must be easy to reproduce and therefore easy to implement. What applies to simple processes should also be equally valid to more demanding business processes. Efficient process modeling as well as effective and targeted mapping of new challenges is a prerequisite for business process design. The IT Service Management Center (ITSM) is the ideal tool for your needs.

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Our solution for you

OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers 15 integrated practices acc. to ITIL®4, certified in 2020 by SERVIEW.

Numerous input channels

OMNITRACKER enables ticket creation via various input channels, e.g. by call (CTI), email or via a self-service portal, which can also be integrated into existing web pages.

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Automatic ticket creation through skill-based routing

Only available employees will be addressed. Tickets are created automatically using predefined criteria and rules. Depending on the topic, the correct employee group is selected and predefined priorities are set. Absences maintained in Microsoft Outlook will be considered.

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Customer involvement

OMNITRACKER keeps everyone up to date – from forms via email, Skype for Business, telephone, internal / external comments, whiteboard or ticker.

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Instant solutions

Complete a ticket with just a few clicks. Instant solutions for any topic can be maintained and used.

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Growing knowledge base

A laborious developed solution can be edited and provided as a future, instant solution within the knowledge management.

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Signature like known from the courier

Work performed at the customer’s site can be confirmed via direct tablet/smartphone-supported signature on the ticket and saved as a non-erasable image attachment.

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IT Service Management Center by OMNINET

A highly efficient, scalable and powerful IT service management solution

The application is based on the current ITIL standard and supports you in managing complex IT environments from A to Z. OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers very effective and flexible service management processes out of the box, which help you reduce your support costs and simultaneously increase the maturity level and efficiency of your service organisation. The application grows with your requirements.

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