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OMNITRACKER the Business Process Ecosystem

More than ITIL

Would you like to relieve the Service Desk and work with well prequalified tickets?

Would you like to see the workload of your employees across all processes at a glance?

Do you need predefined, but extensible work packages for preliminary work?

The ITIL® standard provides a compilation of predefined processes with roles and function assignments, grouped into five main areas, originally from the IT infrastructure. OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center (ITSM) implements the ITIL® standard perfectly and user-friendly. The ITSM Center also supports you significantly if you also need business process modeling in other areas. Use the extensive tools of the ITSM Center to design your processes and reporting individually.

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Our solution for you

OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers 15 integrated practices acc. to ITIL®4, certified in 2020 by SERVIEW.

Versatile input channels

In addition to input channels like e.g. phone or email, also external system could be integrated via web services (REST / SOAP) into the OMNITRACKER Event Management for e.g. monitoring.

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Labor division made easy

Process models enable predefined work packages for the input of your colleagues. As a ticket owner, you keep track of everything.

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Learn from experience

With the optional OMNITRACKER standard application “Feedback Management”, you can quickly create surveys and evaluate them automatically.

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Pre-qualify tickets

First let your customers look for a solution themselves. The OMNITRACKER self-service portal provides access to the knowledge base or FAQs. Specific topics can be subscribed.

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Efficient resource planning

OMNITRACKER Activity Management links tasks, work packages and similar with all ITSM processes and the OMNITRACKER Project Management Center. With the interactive timeline view you can do your planning by drag & drop and see the current total workload of your employees.

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OMNITRACKER supports DevOps

The OMNITRACKER Kanban Board allows the interactive editing of any work items from all OMNITRACKER applications, e.g. Incident, Systems Engineering and Project Management. To improve the collaboration between IT operations and software development in a contemporary way.

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IT Service Management Center by OMNINET

A highly efficient, scalable and powerful IT service management solution

The application is based on the current ITIL standard and supports you in managing complex IT environments from A to Z. OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers very effective and flexible service management processes out of the box, which help you reduce your support costs and simultaneously increase the maturity level and efficiency of your service organisation. The application grows with your requirements.

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