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Training schedule

Find here our current training dates in the coming months. The dates and descriptions of the training blocks and their prerequisites are shown below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The trainings take place starting from a number of three registered participants. Depending on the training date and the registered participants, the language of instruction is either German or English. Please contact us if you only want to attend a training course in english or indicate this in your registration.

When planning your arrival, please note that the training starts at 9.00 a.m. and ends at 5.00 p.m. Registration is possible on the first day from 8.30 a.m.

OMNITRACKER Advanced Administration

With this training you extend and deepen your already acquired knowledge of the OMNITRACKER administration. You will receive the necessary expertise to be able to make far-reaching changes in the configuration of OMNITRACKER.



The creation of reports and statistics is the focus of this training. Based on the administration training, this training conveys the necessary knowledge for generating reports and statistics with Crystal Reports.


OMNITRACKER Automation Interface

With scripting, very individual requirements can be realized quickly and cost-effectively in OMNITRACKER. The Automation Interface also plays a central role in the highly flexible integration and remote control of third-party applications.


OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center

This course offers a practical overview of the core processes of the OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center (ITSM).


OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC)

In this one-day seminar you will learn both theory and OMNITRACKER practice. The theoretical part deals with the legal basis of the DSGVO/GDPR and the practical part shows a decisive aspect: the anonymization of personal data in OMNITRACKER.



The OMNITRACKER BPMN Engine Training is intended for OMNITRACKER administrators who want to make BPMN process models executable with the BPMN Engine.


OMNITRACKER Technical Operations

With this training you acquire the know-how for the successful operation of your OMNITRACKER application in your IT infrastructure. The training covers topics for the installation and upgrade of your OMNITRACKER application, service management and backup creation.


OMNITRACKER Basic Administration

With this training you build the foundation for successful OMNITRACKER administration and configuration. The training covers the basics of all essential functional areas. You will learn many helpful hints and tricks for OMNITRACKER operations and adaptations in your daily business.


OMNITRACKER Project Management Center

The OMNITRACKER Project Management Center contains all important process modules of classical project management. All steps from project initiation to project planning, control and monitoring can be controlled and processed via OMNITRACKER.


BPMN Foundation

In this course you will learn the basics of presenting your business processes in a meaningful way with BPMN 2.0.


OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management

The OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management Training is aimed at process managers who want to extend the application OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center with warehouse and order management.



In the OMNITRACKER BI Desktop training course, you will learn the fundamentals of Business Intelligence (BI) for OMNITRACKER with Microsoft Power BI. You analyze business data and processes and make these available in clear dashboards to different target groups.



With OMNITRACKER you have the possibility to integrate third party systems into your installation. The OMNITRACKER Interface Bus is the interface used for this purpose, which you will get to know and administer in detail during this training.


OMNITRACKER Performance Tuning

This training provides the essential knowledge to optimize the performance of an existing or newly created OMNITRACKER solution. The training answers the question which principles must be observed in the planning and concrete implementation of a solution in order to...


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