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Sales Management Center

Everything at a glance from lead to invoice

Sales management software: your faithful companion in sales

Sales management is defined as the management of a company's sales processes on the basis of targets and key performance indicators. In order to maintain an overview of sales projects during all phases of the process, software is used as a support.

With the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center (SMC), we offer you a flexible companion for this, from the first customer contact to invoicing.

You can find everything you need to know about OMNITRACKER Sales Managemet Center in a nutshell in our factsheet.


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Profit from the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center

Benefits at a glance

  • All communication on one platform
  • Easy customer management, always with the latest data
  • Precise key figures and expressive reports
  • Support for campaigns
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Collect customer information automatically from emails and web forms. Convenient data management ensures that you always have the most up-to-date information at hand, from lead to invoice. In combination with the integrated article data management, individual offers are always just a few clicks away.

Structured and traceable customer interaction

Manage all communication and interaction with prospects and customers via the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center. This makes all steps in the process easily traceable and sales activities can be effectively handled.

Once setup, always up to date

Well-maintained customer data is the basis for targeted communication. You can easily maintain the master data of your customers and prospects and access it from all processes. This means that you always have the latest data at your disposal.

Important connections always in view

Predefined, customizable reports make data analyses easy. Make informed decisions quickly and identify opportunities as they arise.

Communicate directly with your customers

The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center supports you in the systematic planning and execution of newsletter, email and telephone campaigns. From the creation of content to the selection of recipient lists to automatic dispatch—all in one tool.

Workflow-based operation and effective organization throughout the entire sales process.

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The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center as a performance hub

Features at a glance:

  • Process support
  • Customer data management
  • Article data & price lists
  • Campaign support
  • Lead & opportunity management
  • Offer management
  • Contract management
  • Accounting

With the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center, you manage all essential sales processes in a central location. You can track all communication and interaction with prospects and customers on a single platform and process all sales activities in a structured and efficient manner. The user-oriented and workflow-based application contributes significantly to improving the efficiency and quality of the sales process. To enable you to work on projects regardless of location, the web client is of course available in addition to the Windows client.

Systematic process support

OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center supports regulated processes in sales. You can define sales phases and group them in sales models. For each sales project, you can define which sales model should be used. This way, tasks are clearly defined and can be implemented and tracked systematically.

Article data and price lists

You can manage article data and group articles. Different article groups can be combined into price lists, and at the touch of a button you can create a price list as a document. If you change article data, you can create updated price lists very efficiently and make them available to your customers.

Campaign support

The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center supports the systematic planning and execution of email and telephone campaigns. You can define different recipient lists and use them in your campaigns. Dispatching your newsletters can be handled completely via the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center—from the creation of content to the selection of recipient lists to automatic dispatch at a time of your choosing.

Lead & opportunity management

The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center supports all tasks in lead and opportunity management, so that you can consistently use all opportunities to close a sale. You can enter new customer inquiries manually or have them created automatically from emails or by using the information of web forms. Spam filters ensure that only reasonable entries are created. You can classify incoming inquiries and determine who is responsible for further sales tasks and which sales model should be used. The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center simplifies the entire sales process. You can get an overview of your sales activities at any time and consistently monitor deadlines. Resubmissions and calendar entries help you to structure the tasks and to process them in a regulated way.

Offer management

Create individual offers for your customers based on customer and item master data. From the article data, you can create a quotation document at the push of a button and manage different versions of the quotation.

Contract management

After successful completion of the sales phase, you can create a contract directly from an offer. It serves as the basis for subsequent invoicing and contains a reference to the sales project. This way, you always keep track of the development of individual sales projects.


Support for your sales processes also includes accounting. You can create an invoice from a contract and, if necessary, a reminder or a credit note from an invoice. You can create all necessary documents from existing data at the touch of a button. You can then send the documents to your customers by email and integrate digital signatures. The OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center provides a standardized interface for data export to a financial accounting system of your choice.

Satisfied OMNITRACKER users

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

Sales management in the modern Business Process Ecosystem

As simple as possible, as complex as necessary. Avoid integration problems and performance losses and optimize your workflows with OMNITRACKER.

Use from any device

Web Client Vorteile 700

With the OMNITRACKER Web Client you can access OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center via your web browser. You have access to your data at any time and from any location. Your sales partners create new inquiries directly via a partner portal, track states and update the data. This allows you to process your sales projects regardless of location and from any device.

The Business Process Ecosystem can be used both on-premises and as a SaaS solution.

Workflow-based operation and effective organization throughout the entire sales process.

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OMNITRACKER in action: Optimize your sales processes

OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center in Aktion370

A customer is interested in one of your services and contacts the sales department. The employee on the phone documents the conversation directly as a sales object in the OMNITRACKER Sales Management Center and sends the prospect the appropriate documents via OMNITRACKER Document Management.

After collecting enough information, the customer contacts the sales department again and submits a quotation request. Your sales department can then create a suitable offer directly based on the data from the last conversation and check it via the OMNITRACKER Contract Management Center in combination with a suitable framework agreement. As soon as the offer is complete, one click is enough to send it to the customer.

As soon as the customer places the order, order processing in the OMNITRACKER Project Management Center creates a project and project phases. This allows the project manager to create activities for his team in the tool during implementation, while they provide services and book time entries.

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