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Self-Service Portal

The OMNITRACKER Self-Service Portal as a central point of contact

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A self-service portal enables your staff and customers to access your company's services from any device and at any location, at any time. Tickets can be created with minimal effort directly in the browser using predefined workflows, or a knowledge database can be searched easily. This way, requests can be submitted quickly or solutions found by the user.

Role-based permissions and budget limits define an individually tailored list of services that users are allowed to access. A web store integration expands the functional scope of the self-service portal so that both services can be requested and products ordered.

You can find everything you need to know about OMNITRACKER Self-Service Portal in a nutshell in our factsheet.


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Your benefits of a central service portal

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Intuitive user interface

A self-service portal bundles communication channels and therefore serves as a central point of contact for the processing of all kinds of service processes; this way, each request directly reaches the responsible specialist.

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Streamlined communication

Intuitive ticket forms allow incidents and service requests to be described in detail. These targeted information queries are essential to the service desk to save time in troubleshooting and processing.

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Cost-efficient workflows

Using standardized workflows (according to BPMN 2.0), tickets are processed more efficiently and with a higher quality by the service desk. At the same time, the number of tickets generated is reduced because solutions for frequently recurring requests are described in detail in a knowledge database.

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Mobile reachable at any time

A web-based self-service portal is accessible at all times; even outside office hours. Since processing and assignment are controlled automatically via roles, requests do not get lost and end up directly with a qualified specialist.

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Features of the ITSM-based self-service portal


Personalized starting page

Depending on area of responsibility and user group, only relevant services are displayed to users. The theme and function tiles can also be hidden. External logins for partner companies or customers are enabled via controlled accesses.


Transparent service processes

Users can see all requests, such as incidents and service requests, at a glance at any time. This helps to keep track of all current jobs and open tasks. In this way, delays and progress can be easily tracked. Also, documented services can be billed more reliably.

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Available anytime, anywhere

Self-service portals are available regardless of business hours. It can be accessed remotely via a web client using a mobile version that is optimized for display on smartphones or tablets. Installation and maintenance on individual devices is not necessary here.

The OMNITRACKER ITSM Center | Modular. Flexible. Individual.

No more cumbersome and unprofitable temporary solutions. The ITSM Center is a sustainable service management platform with a modularly expandable range of functions that usefully complements your company-wide IT architecture. With the powerful ITSM software, routine tasks are processed in a standardized manner, which additionally enables automation. Categorize incoming tickets systematically and automatically assign them to the appropriate service specialist to work more cost-efficiently.

More about the ITSM Center

Automate business processes with OMNITRACKER BPMN

With the international industry standard for digital process modeling BPMN, you can digitally map and automate business processes and workflows. The standardized and transparent representation of processes speeds up their execution. In addition, all participants get the same idea of the process.

The goal of this process modeling with BPMN is to automate business processes, regardless of whether they are purely IT services or relate to departments outside of IT. For example, inform responsible persons directly when their know-how or decisions are needed, or let the software handle recurring administrative tasks such as creating an account (including the assignment of rights) directly.

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As much standard as possible—as individual as necessary

No two companies are alike. For this reason, an easily customizable software solution is essential to digitize efficient workflows. The OMNITRACKER Business Process Ecosystem can be tailored exactly to your needs and grows dynamically as your requirements profile changes.

Benefit from the advantages of a limitlessly expandable all-in-one solution: proven, freely configurable standard applications for your business, extensive interfaces and the possibility to create your own applications in a low code environment. Even company-specific adaptions are possible with targeted customizing.

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Examples of applications

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IT services (classic ITIL®-compliant ticketing)

Classic ITSM ticketing, with features based on the Best-Practice-Framework ITIL®. Incidents, service requests, access rights, change requests and numerous other ITIL®-compliant functions are used to standardize, optimize and efficiently execute IT services.

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Single point of contact for all concerns

Provide easier access to all services available in the company and integrate all third-party tools into your self-service portal across the company via interfaces. A so-called “single point of contact” is created, meaning a central point of contact for all service requests, incident reports and bookings. If required, supplier and partner companies are also enabled via limited access.

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Knowledge base for recurring questions

Use a knowledge database to systematically provide answers to frequently asked questions and reduce the workload of your service desk, as users can search for the answers to their questions and problems themselves (without manual effort of the service desk). You can also refer to corresponding articles (standard solutions, how-to articles) in tickets.

Master data management

New information about customers, partner companies, or your own staff that is entered via the self-service portal can be automatically transferred to your central master data maintenance with appropriate customizing.

Material and equipment issue

Both during onboarding and ongoing operations, your staff will need certain equipment in the form of office supplies, workwear (with company branding, in the right size), electronic devices or workplace equipment. A self-service portal makes it easy to control and automate the requesting, issuing and invoicing process.

Control accesses

Simplify paperwork and issuing of access cards, licenses, and digital access rights by leveraging role-based electronic approval and authorization workflows.

Cloud services

Control and manage cloud services and provide cloud-based services or databases internally or externally.

HR services

Job references, relocations of the workplace or changes of job—these are all possibilities that your HR office can map as service requests in the self-service portal.

Remote working and vacation requests


Simplify the processing and documentation of formalities and submit and approve flextime, vacation and working from home requests digitally with just a few clicks. Bookings in the corresponding vacation and time accounts are made automatically.

Onboarding, offboarding and crossboarding

Whether new hires, termination or change within the organization. Combine these events with other services (ordering business cards, setting up or moving workstations, asset management in the CMDB, assigning or revoking authorizations, etc.) for greater efficiency.

Company car and company bike

You can also manage your company vehicle fleet via the self-service portal and, for example, enter the current mileage (mobile), schedule repairs, maintenance or tire changes, proactively report the notices for the end of a leasing period, make company car policy-compliant suggestions for the new future car, etc. Of course, travel expense reports and a link to your accounting system are also possible.

Rental equipment, reservations and room bookings

Booking and reservation processes are also ideally suited for being handled via standardized workflows. The distribution, request and reservation of equipment, rooms (for example, booking meeting rooms for fixed periods) or rental cars can be controlled across the company in this way.

Outsourced services

Companies frequently work with external service providers and partners. To facilitate communication and management when outsourcing, approved services can be booked simply and easily via the self-service portal. Some examples would be:

  • Cleaning services
  • Maintenance work
  • Repair requests
  • Transportation services
  • outsourced (IT) services

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