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OMNITRACKER Administrator Training


This training group is specially tailored for administrators or configurators who technically manage OMNITRACKER installations. The respective trainings provide all the features required for the configuration of the applications and administration of the OMNITRACKER platform.

OMNITRACKER Basic Administration Training

By means of continuous practical examples essential aspects of OMNITRACKER administration are imparted.

Target is to provide basic knowledge to administrate OMNITRACKER. The installation and configuration of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway and OMNITRACKER Email Gateway are also training topics.


OMNITRACKER Advanced Administration Training

In the advanced administration training further important mechanism of administration of OMNITRACKER are transferred on basis of the practical examples in the OMNITRACKER Basic Administration training.

Target is to provide advanced knowledge to administrate OMNITRACKER.


OMNITRACKER Technical Operations Training

Find out how to operate a successful OMNITRACKER application in your IT environment. The training covers topics about installing and upgrading your OMNITRACKER application, service- and backup management.


OMNITRACKER Automation Interface Training

The implementation of very individual requirements can be realized quickly and cost-efficient via Scripting. Relevant knowledge to create very complex scripts for your OMNITRACKER application is communicated in this training.


OMNITRACKER Reporting Training

This training is focused on the generation of reports and statistics. Based on the administration training courses, the necessary knowledge for the generation of reports and statistics is communicated. Here you will get to know how to present complex data structures with OMNITRACKER.


OMNITRACKER Update Training

These seminars are especially aimed at OMNITRACKER administrators who are planning an update to the latest version and would like to prepare themselves using the new OMNITRACKER features on the basis of practical examples.

In addition, important topics from the release notes are explained in more detail and noteworthy details for the installation are discussed.


OMNITRACKER Performance Tuning Training

This training provides the essential knowledge to optimize the performance of an existing or new OMNITRACKER solution. The training answers the question, which principles must be considered during the planning and concrete conversion of a solution, in order to use the system resources optimally. Particular attention is paid to the possibilities offered by the new Multi Server Architecture (MSA).


DSGVO: OMNITRACKER GAC (GDPR Anonymisation Center) Training

In the one-day seminar you will learn theory as well as OMNITRACKER practice. The theoretical part deals with the legal basis and the practical part shows a crucial aspect of the GDPR: the anonymization of personal data.

This special course is available in German language only. If you are interested in this training in English, please do not hesitate to contact us!