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OMNIPRIVACY | SaaS GDPR Management Solution

Cloud-based GDPR-compliant data processing software

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OMNIPRIVACY supports you in the processing of personal data in compliance with the law as well as in the handling of data protection-related requests of all kinds. For this purpose, all processing activities related to the GDPR are digitally recorded and verifiably stored securely. In addition, obtained order processing contracts and other documents are stored and archived centrally.

As part of data protection impact assessments (DPIA), regular checks are made to ensure that personal information—that is particularly worthy of protection—remains adequately protected during processing according to the GDPR. Target group-specific reports help you to comply with internal and external obligations to provide evidence. Thanks to the clear and documented data processing at a central location with OMNIPRIVACY, you can identify and evaluate data protection risks in a structured manner, and thus keep the number and impact of occurrences and data breaches low.

OMNIPRIVACY was developed on OMNITRACKER basis and is therefore compatible with all our applications. However, as a SaaS-based stand-alone solution, OMNIPRIVACY can be integrated into existing systems even without an existing OMNITRACKER installation.

In 2019, OMNIPRIVACY was rated by CIOReview magazine as one of the top 10 most promising GDPR software solutions in Europe.

Make your GDPR compliance process more efficient

An effective compliance program can be recognized by four signs:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Oversight
  • Efficiency

In the recorded webinar below we explain how OMNIPRIVACY contributes in implementing these signs to an effective compliance process.

Since the needs of a company differ depending on its maturity in the GDPR implementation, the cloud-based GDPR software solution OMNIPRIVACY is offered in different versions.

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Your benefits of the cloud-based GDPR tool OMNIPRIVACY

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The regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation, which has been valid throughout Europe since May 2018, are relevant to companies and organizations in two aspects. On the one hand, there is the risk of heavy fines if personal data is processed illegally and data breaches occur.

On the other hand, as a side-effect of meeting all the minimum requirements of the articles of the General Data Protection Regulation, new approaches are emerging in the consideration and handling of personal data. This planned restructuring in systematic and seamlessly traceable data processing offers valuable potential that can be transferred and expanded to other operational business processes. OMNIPRIVACY supports you in the cross-departmental planning and implementation of all necessary GDPR processes.

✓ Reliable coverage of all GDPR regulations with clear responsibilities and a role and authorization concept

✓ Centralized documentation to meet the requirements of evidence and to provide requests related to the GDPR

✓ Highest efficiency through automated data processing

✓ Timely responses to reportable data protection incidents within 72 hours

✓ Integrated risk management to define measures in case of identified risks

✓ Overview and transparency thanks to dashboards with predefined views as well as individual reports

Feature overview

Omniprivacy feature Transparents

Transparancy across all process levels

Omniprivacy feature Rollen

Clear responsibilities for each department and user

Omniprivacy feature Filter

Collect, evaluate and minimize risks

Omniprivacy feature Compliance

Analysis of all compliance measures

Omniprivacy feature Dokumente

Documentation and compliance of the obligation to provide evidence

Omniprivacy feature Prozessstrukturen v2

Insightful and action-driven reports and dashboards

A lot of other features and processes are implemented in the SaaS application. Request your test account today and try  out our GDPR software for free for two weeks.

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Implementation of the centralized GDPR management solution OMNIPRIVACY

Better collaboration across departments

Different departments are involved in the management and processing of personal data. On the one hand, the technical infrastructure must be provided by the IT department. Other departments with customer or personnel contact—such as HR or Sales—use this infrastructure when they process service requests, contracts, etc. When processing data worthy of protection, OMNIPRIVACY supports clear and targeted communication thanks to e-mail integration and concise processes.

More transparency and data control at any time

You benefit from relevant KPIs that indicate when and if action is needed. In addition, you are able to view the current processing status and quantity of GDPR-related service requests in role-specific dashboards. The transparency gained across all process levels also helps you make management decisions.

Intuitive design and user experience

Predefined processes make it easier for you to get started with the GDPR cloud software OMNIPRIVACY. In addition, you can import appearance templates to keep track of the most important key figures and functions quickly. Notifications with freely definable triggering events and automatic reminders simplify your operations and help you to prioritize tasks.

Save resources while managing your GDPR compliancy

By using OMNIPRIVACY, your GDPR compliance is supported in the best possible way. At the same time, you reduce the personnel effort for processing data protection-relevant requests and the associated documentation. Thanks to automation, your efficiency is increased.

Integrated risk management

Collect, evaluate and analyze risks regularly and define measures and automatic notifications in case of deviations. A software based risk management also helps you to prioritize your GDPR compliance strategy on a daily routine.

24/7 self-service portal

The self-service portal in OMNIPRIVACY is the central contact point for GDPR-related information of all kinds. There, employees, customers or suppliers can register data breaches and exercise their access rights (DSAR). Depending on the licensing model, the self-service portal is customizable.

You can find everything you need to know about OMNIPRIVACY in a nutshell in our factsheet.

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