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Secure and on-time anonymization across all data sets

Anonymize sensitive customer data conveniently and legally compliant with the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center. The application supports you significantly in meeting the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At the same time, your customers can exercise their right to deletion or anonymization, and you can meet your obligations to provide information with minimal effort within the legally prescribed deadlines.

The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center integrates seamlessly into your OMNITRACKER business processes across all applications. Analyze the databases of your applications, such as the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, at the push of a button to anonymize personal data in a targeted, reliable and simple way.

In our factsheet, you can find everything you need to know about OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center in a nutshell.


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Benefit from the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center

Advantages at a glance:

  • Compliance with the GDPR
  • High level of control
  • Maximum transparency
  • Efficient search
  • Easy integration
Vorteile Datenanonymisierung DSGVO GDPR 1526x860

The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center supports you in secure data anonymization according to the requirements of the GDPR. Efficiently and with minimal manual resources, all data records of all OMNITRACKER applications can be reliably searched for information of a specific person. Subsequently, these search hits can be anonymized securely without neglecting other legal obligations, for example certain bookkeeping obligations.

Implementation of the new data protection law

The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center supports you significantly in the GDPR-compliant handling of customer data. This way, you can keep possible legal risks low and ensure the satisfaction of your customers with regard to the handling of sensitive data.

Maximum control through the entire process

Anonymization processes are always requested by a person. You then perform an internal identity and authorization check on the person. In this way, you retain maximum control: You ensure that the request is justified and that no personal data gets lost that is actually needed. You control which data must be anonymized and which must not.

Efficient und secure operation

After a successful identity and authorization check, you create an anonymization request. The person making the request is automatically informed of this. The person's initial request, such as an email, is stored in the request. Once anonymization is complete, the person is notified that their personal data has been deleted or anonymized.

However, if the data must still be retained, for example, due to legal obligations, e.g., accounting retention obligations, you reject the request with justification. The person will also be automatically informed of this by email.

Convenient searches in databases

Select the master data set, target system and target folders where personal data is stored. This way you speed up the search considerably. OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center automatically displays attributes that potentially contain personal data. Thus, data records are not simply searched for attributes such as names and first names, but for search combinations determined by the user—purposeful and independent of order and arrangement.

Seamless integration

The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center can be used in combination with all other OMNITRACKER applications, such as the IT Service Management Center, GRC Center or Project Management Center.

Process data in compliance with GDPR.

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This is how tool-based data anonymization works


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) assures that people have extensive control over their personal data. With the help of these steps, the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center supports you to perform the anonymization process of personal data in your IT system on time and with a minimum of manual effort.

Workflow of anonymization processes with OMNITRACKER:

  • Check anonymization request
    When an anonymization request comes up, in addition to confirming the identity of the person making the request, a check is carried out in advance to determine whether the deletion or anonymization of personal data is justified. This check of the legal basis takes place before the anonymization process is started in the OMNITRACKER GPDR Anonymization Center.

  • Reject or approve request
    The request is approved or rejected after this initial check. If the approval is successful, an anonymization request is recorded.

  • Specify person-related search parameters
    Existing data (e.g., last name, first name, and email address) of the target person is entered so that corresponding entries can be found in the data records.

  • Select target system, target folder and target person
    The master data record of the person to be anonymized and the target system (including or additional target folders, if applicable) are selected and referenced.

  • Check search results
    The search results are then checked. For unambiguous search results, anonymization is performed in the previously selected target systems. For non-unique search hits, a manual decision must be made whether anonymization should take place. Such hit analyses are necessary if, for example, several people have the same name in the master data. This procedure ensures that only correct records are anonymized.

  • Anonymize unique search results and retain non-unique search hits
    In the final step, all personal information is anonymized in a GDPR-compliant manner across all applications, even if it is spread across multiple data records. After the process has been successfully completed, the person who made the request receives a message about the successful anonymization or is notified with reasons that the anonymization was not performed.

This efficient workflow supports you in meeting the obligations specified in the GDPR by implementing data anonymization in a technically secure manner. With the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center, you search and anonymize personal data very efficiently, as the actual anonymization in the target data sets is performed mainly automatically. This approach saves resources, and you can meet your statutory periods for requests related to the GDPR.

Data protection in a modern business process ecosystem

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GDPR-compliant data anonymization

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Quick processing of information and deletion requests

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Automated database synchronization

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Sesult analysis for ambiguous database searches

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Authorization & role management via OMNITRACKER platform

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Flexible adaption and integration options

A well-organized workflow for anonymization of customer data.

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The one-day seminar OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center Training addresses the topic of data protection first in theory and then directly with hands-on exercises. The target group consists mainly of OMNITRACKER administrators. First, we introduce you to the legal basics of the GDPR. Then, the practical part of the training deals with the anonymization of personal data, probably the most crucial aspect of the regulation.

Learn step by step how to use the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center and find out how the application supports you decisively in data anonymization. On the basis of use cases from everyday life, we will show you how to avoid pitfalls. Get to know all the levers in the application.

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