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OMNITRACKER Applications

Software made in Germany v2

Applications for Business Processes

The right application for every process

The mature, standardized OMNITRACKER applications support a broad range of different business processes. Each application covers a complete business process and features a self-contained functionality. You can use as many OMNITRACKER applications on the OMNITRACKER platform as desired. Later you can also integrate further OMNITRACKER applications in an existing OMNITRACKER system. In this way, you can continue to expand your system and adapt it to your needs.

With the following applications and individually designed applications you can extend the functionality of your OMNITRACKER business process ecosystem.

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

OMNITRACKER application overview for your processes

These applications offer you many possibilities to extend the functional range of the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER according to your needs. Additionally we support you if you need individually configured applications.

IT Service Management Center

ITIL®-certified and flexible ticketing system (ITSM)

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Governance, Risk and Compliance Center

Complete system for good corporate governance

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Project Management Center

Software for project planning and implementation

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Sales Management Center

More efficiency & transparency for your sales force

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Systems Engineering Center

Control of complex software development projects

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Risk Management

Professional risk management according to ISO 31000

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Contract Management Center

Uniform contract processing throughout the company

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Task Management

Coordination, monitoring and evaluation of tasks and activities

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Document Management

Organization-wide provision and archiving of documents

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Dispatch Center

Efficient organization of field staff

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Booking Schedule

Booking management for any resources

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GDPR Anonymization Center

More protection for personal data

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Implement your business processes with applications in OMNITRACKER.

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OMNITRACKER Applications: Your key benefits for your business processes

Versatile and easy to handle

  • An out-of-the-box solution for supporting different business processes
  • Customizable: You can configure all OMNITRACKER applications by yourself
  • Guaranteed release compatibility: All configurations remain unchanged even with new versions of the OMNITRACKER platform. Necessary migrations within the database are carried out automatically
  • Investment security: You can expand your OMNITRACKER system as desired using other OMNITRACKER applications or your own configurations

Learn more about the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER.

Get to know our basic system, connect external systems via our interfaces and expand the functional range of your software system with our applications.

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