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Applications for business processes

The mature, standardized OMNITRACKER applications support a broad range of different business processes. Each application covers a complete business process and features a self-contained functionality. You can use as many OMNITRACKER applications on the OMNITRACKER platform as desired. Later you can also integrate further OMNITRACKER applications in an existing OMNITRACKER system. In this way, you can continue to expand your system and adapt it to your needs.

OMNITRACKER Applications: Your key benefits

Versatile and easy to handle

  • An out-of-the-box solution for supporting different business processes
  • Customizable: You can configure all OMNITRACKER applications by yourself
  • Guaranteed release compatibility: All configurations remain unchanged even with new versions of the OMNITRACKER platform. Necessary migrations within the database are carried out automatically
  • Investment security: You can expand your OMNITRACKER system as desired using other OMNITRACKER applications or your own configurations

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