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Flexible access to all functions

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Use OMNITRACKER from any device – with the appropriate client

By using our clients, OMNITRACKER can be used with any device. Depending on your requirements, you can choose either the OMNITRACKER Desktop Client or the OMNITRACKER Web Client. Get access to all applications with every client. They are extended with every upgrade and, thanks to a responsive design, you always get an optimal display on every screen.

Choose your client

We offer you two types of clients: web clients and desktop clients. We will gladly support you with the clients that are suitable for your industry and your requirements, so that you can use all relevant functions at any time. Of course, it is possible to operate both types of clients in your company.

Scope of functions

Graphical features

Functional features

Shortcut bar Automatic fill-in
Split screen Restriction filter
Various search functionalities Rule-based mandatory fields
Hierarchical grouping view Input checks
Input checks Multiple references
Personalization Temporal and logical monitoring
Role-based GUI Functional and hierarchical escalation
Views and filters Automatic routing
Rule-based highlighting Bulk actions
Timeline view & calendar view Role-based reporting
... ...

Access OMNITRACKER with the client of your choice.

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Advantages of web clients

Advantages at a glance:

  • Usage possible with any device
  • Responsive design
  • Presentation in your corporate design
  • No installation effort       
  • Intuitive operation
  • Faster access
  • Modern tile view
  • Various search functionalities
  • Barrier-free access
Web Client Vorteile 700

With the OMNITRACKER Web Client, you can access the OMNITRACKER database via any browser and without local installation. Thanks to the high performance of OMNITRACKER, you can quickly work online at any place and with any device.

Use any device with any browser

Use OMNITRACKER on the go with any tablet, any smartphone or even at your workplace comfortably via your preferred internet browser. For direct access, you only need an internet connection and a browser.

Responsive design

Thanks to responsive design, the display adapts to the respective screen size for easy handling.

Presentation in your corporate design

In OMNITRACKER, you can define your company-specific corporate design. In addition to the functions and applications, you can also customize the colors, fonts and spacing in the web client to your corporate design and integrate your company logo.

No installation effort

With the OMNITRACKER Web Client, no installation is required on your individual workstation, since access to the central server takes place directly via the browser. All server-side updates are effective for all web users immediately after installation. Therefore, end users do not need to install updates manually.

Intuitive handling

The modern interfaces offer your end users an intuitive handling in OMNITRACKER. Frequently used functions are directly accessible in the tool interface, which shortens work steps and speeds up processing.

Own shortcuts

Any administrator can customize the shortcut bar. The global shortcut bar is always visible, even in every object form. You can also set up folder-specific shortcut bars centrally for the entire company. For example, you can use the shortcut bar to create new objects, open a folder or execute a script with additional functions.

Modern tile view

Choose your view from predefined layouts. You do not need any XSLT knowledge to set it up. The images are loaded directly from the database and the click actions can be configured according to your needs. Your view always adapts responsively to the current size of the browser, resulting in a clearly arranged workspace with navigation to the desired working area.

Search function

Find objects easily and quickly with the improved header search. The quick search feature helps you to search and select objects without having to open the selection dialog. With each search, just a few letters, which can also be in the middle of a word, are enough to show the desired object. Combinations of word parts are also possible.

Barrier-free access

OMNITRACKER is barrier-free in many functions so that people with sensory and motoric disabilities can operate it.

Currently, the OMNITRACKER Classic Web Client as well as the Web Client 2.0 can be used. OMNITRACKER Web Client 2.0 is still under development and will replace the Classic Web Client after completion. With every OMNITRACKER version upgrade, we improve the usability, performance and user guidance by providing a modern presentation and an individual, company-wide uniform arrangement of the elements. In addition to the more user-friendly handling, we further develop the individual functions according to customer needs.

With OMNITRACKER the company IT operates with greater efficiency and we are achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

An outstanding and superior service is essential for our customers. OMNITRACKER supports us in achieving this via the registration and follow-up of customer enquiries.

Alexander Zwart, Head Cash Management Operations

A complex web-based contract management solution has been created with OMNITRACKER through constructive, direct and goal-oriented communication with the support of the competent OMNINET consultants.

Frank Merkel

Thanks to OMNITRACKER, we have been able to introduce ITIL-based processes and increase the quality of our IT Services.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

We appreciate the very personal and uncomplicated contact with OMNINET as manufacturer of our OMNITRACKER installations. In addition, the highly flexible applications and the support of the competent OMNINET employees are a valuable factor for us.

Curt Eylers, Group IT

For many years, OMNITRACKER has been our central platform for integrated and highly automated business processes.
In addition to the ITSM processes with which we started, today we also use OMNITRACKER to handle the majority of our administrative, logistics and compliance processes.

David Wester, Manager Service & Support

With OMNITRACKER ITSM Center we have taken a significant step forward on our way from grown structures to integrated Enterprise Service Management and thus to improving customer satisfaction.

Michael Niekut, Head of Service Operations Center

With OMNITRACKER we have the freedom to implement and adapt our processes by ourselves without having to rely on external support. The simple and seamless connection to third-party systems, such as our own TGW service portal, optimally supports our processes.

Stefan Hamann, Head of Application Services

OMNITRACKER provides us the opportunity to adapt all applications to our specific requirements with low configuration effort and it also guarantees release compatibility.
Moreover, we enjoy working with OMNINET's friendly and dedicated team.

Christopher Müll, Project Leader OMNITRACKER

The OMNITRACKER meets our most important requirements on BPM:
stability, flexibility, connectivity and transparency.
Complemented by professional consulting and friendly customer service, the result is a purposeful symbiosis of man and technology.

Jörg Suthoff, Chief Digital Officer


Advantages of desktop clients

Advantages at a glance:

  • Structured view of folders and menu bars
  • Control over the assignment of rights
  • Comprehensive administration functions
Desktop Client Vorteile 700

Some users, especially public institutions or administrators, prefer access via our desktop clients.

Classic folder structure

Display and open your applications in the usual folder structure and, via the folder tree, also access your objects in a structured way. You can work in OMNITRACKER like in Microsoft® Office applications by using the menu bars above. Your employees reach the individual items conventionally.

Distribution of roles

Assign a role to each user and give them special rights. Department views are also possible. Only relevant applications for this department are displayed. These specific workspaces lead to more overview and user-friendliness.

Configuration with the OMNITRACKER Aministration Client

Your administrators use the OMNITRACKER Administration Client to make company-wide adjustments and to create the folder structure according to your requirements. Thanks to the intelligent search function, you can also quickly find the desired functions or folders in the administration client. Create fields, scripts, settings and scheme objects easily. Inherit information to new objects and use multilingual names for your international locations. Assign rights and roles with the permissions feature. Track active sessions in the monitoring area. You also have access to extensive developer tools as well as import and export functions.

Get to know our basic system, connect external systems via our interfaces and expand the functional range of your software system with our applications.

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