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Contract Management Center

Efficient and transparent contract management

Structure your contract management proactively and benefit from the comprehensive features offered by OMNITRACKER Contract Management Center. The application provides organization-wide support during all phases of contract management, considerably increasing transparency.

Application for efficiently managing contracts

  • Initiation
  • Approval
  • Control
  • Management

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OMNITRACKER Contract Management Center: Your key benefits

Efficient contract management

  • Centralized access to all contracts and important information
  • Management of related contracts
  • Classification of contracts
  • Faster access through digitization

Optimized workflows

  • Easy data entry
  • Workflow-based process control
  • Sophisticated roles and permissions concept
  • Comprehensive search functions
  • All functions also available online

Legal certainty and transparency

  • Risk management over the entire lifecycle
  • Supports compliance with legal requirements
  • Continuous traceability

Effective supervision

  • Automatic reminders for contract extensions
  • Target-actual comparison
  • Customizable reports for evaluation

Mature platform technology

  • Business process platform
  • Easy to adapt and expand with further processes
  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications
  • High-performance interfaces