Normen einhalten ISO S 3840x660

Comply with standards

Comply with the specifications of standards in a structured manner

Do you want to manage your organization successfully, in compliance with the law and standards?

Do you want to pass the next audit with as less effort as possible?

Do you want to minimize your risks by complying with various standards?

New or revised norms, standards and laws are published regularly that your organization must or want to comply with. The associated audits are also becoming more and more extensive and time-consuming. Complex requirements—especially if you have to fulfill several standards in parallel—can only be implemented efficiently and securely by using a software. With the OMNITRACKER Governance, Risk and Compliance Center, synergy effects are created by managing all requirements in a central GRC solution with a uniform database.

Our Solution for you

Benefit from a central GRC solution and implement all new norms, standards and regulations in your organization in a structured manner.

Comply with obligations

Depending on the industry, various norms and ISO standards are mandatory. Legal regulations at national and international level can be added, as well as self-imposed guidelines. With our digital solution, you can meet all your obligations. Our customizing team will be happy to advise you on the software-supported implementation of all standards relevant to you.

Flexible at any time

By using OMNITRACKER applications, processes can be mapped in compliance with standards. For example, category trees that can be created as desired are available. Integrated, configurable standard applications, such as OMNITRACKER Risk Management, and the GRC module OMNITRACKER Audit and Compliance Management can be easily added.


Even question catalogs of future requirements can be implemented on time. In the event of changes in legislation, we reliably offer you a suitable solution to integrate new regulations into your multistandard software.

Multistandard capability

The architecture of the OMNITRACKER GRC Center is based on market analyses of leading, globally operating business consulting companies. Therefore, all relevant ISO standards and the recommendations of the ITIL®4 framework can be considered with the included modules.

Future requirement catalogs can also be implemented on time. In the event of changes in legislation, we reliably offer you a suitable solution to integrate new regulations into your multistandard software.

In combination with OMNITRACKER ITSM Center, you get an ISO 27000-compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS). With OMNITRACKER, you operate a central IT solution for all your governance, compliance and risk management activities.

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A central multistandard solution for all norms, standards and requirements

With the OMNITRACKER Governance, Risk and Compliance Center, you successfully and profitably manage your organization (companies, public institutions, NGOs, etc.) while demonstrably complying with all necessary laws, standards and other compliance requirements. In doing so, you use a central multistandard solution to manage all your compliance, audit, control and risk management requirements. All information is available to you exactly when it is needed for decision-making. Even organization-specific or industry-specific regulations can be easily mapped and complied with. The objective of the GRC Center is the profitable, transparent and holistic management of your organization, based on integrated risk management and continuous improvement.

Successful corporate governance with all processes in the OMNITRACKER GRC Center.


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Compliance with any ISO standards and ITIL®4 recommendations

Normen einhalten Audi 740x600

With OMNITRACKER Audit and Compliance Management, you build an internal compliance and control system. Make a profit from a centralized management system, and meet all requirements of your organization to guarantee compliance with a wide variety of audits and checks in the best possible way. Fulfill all requirements of ISO 19011, ISO 37301 or other ISO standards with clear checklists.