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Comply with Standards

Comply with the GDPR requirements


GDPR Anonymization Center by OMNINET

Supports your concepts for anonymizing personal data

With this application, you can systematically evaluate, check and process the anonymization requests you receive. The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC) analyzes all data in your OMNITRACKER-based business processes such as the OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center easily and reliably.

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Our solution for you

Manually on request or cyclically automated – the rights of your customers to informational self-determination are respected.

Anonymize data instead of delete it

As a separate instance, the OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center supports your concept of case-by-case or cyclical removal of personal data. Data inconsistencies are avoided by anonymizing data in all OMNITRACKER fields.

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The standard does not matter

In OMNITRACKER applications, the processes can be mapped in accordance with different standards. For example, arbitrarily buildable category trees or integrated, configuratively extensible standard applications, e.g. ISO 31000-related risk management, document management (for security policy management) or task management (for audits). OMNITRACKER Idea & Innovation Management effectively supports your employee suggestion system.

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Comply with BAFin principles

All OMNITRACKER applications comply with the GoDB guidelines of the BAFin, as for example the deletion of OMNITRACKER objects is only possible in accordance with GDPR regulations, or a long-term archiving of objects (contents, metadata, attachments) is possible in PDF/A format. All objects have an audit-proof object history, a one-to-one identification feature per object, journal function, role and rights system and the readability of data through the integrated full-text search, including analyzable attachments.

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Do your processes have to meet the GDPR requirements?

Do your processes have to comply with standards, e.g. according to FedRAMP:2014, FDA Chpt. 11, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000, ISO 31000, ISO 9001?

Do your processes require compliance with the BAFin GoBD guidelines?

An application for anonymization of personal data has been sent to you. Your target is to process it efficiently and resource-saving as well as in a GDPR compliant manner. To do this, you need a reliable and easy to use tool with process structures in accordance to the ITIL standard: The OMNITRACKER GDPR Anonymization Center (GAC). It offers you extensive design options for assigning access and processing rights as well as for process design. In addition, it protects your company data in a secure way.

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