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Operational support

Not only do we implement and operate OMNITRACKER for many different customers. We also use our product ourselves on a daily basis. You can also profit from this experience, too. OMNINET can, for example, take over the operation of your OMNITRACKER applications on your infrastructure in whole or in part. So you can concentrate on your core business and at the same time can be sure that your OMNITRACKER applications run safely and stably.

To support your business, we offer various models which we tailor to your individual needs. For our customers we manage many tasks that are required for the operation of OMNITRACKER.

  • Installation and upgrade
  • Performance analysis: Analysis of the architecture and of your OMNITRACKER configuration, suggestions for improving the performance of your OMNITRACKER applications
  • Administration and monitoring of the current systems
  • Complete operational outsourcing: Full deployment of your OMNITRACKER environment. In this case, you do not need to set up an IT infrastructure for OMNITRACKER servers or train your own administrators.
  • Operational support: Coaching and consulting of your employees increase the operational stability of your OMNITRACKER applications.