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Support during Operation

Operational Support in OMNITRACKER

Operative Unterstuetzung OMNITRACKER 370x250s

Support with the daily use of OMNITRACKER

After the implementation of your OMNITRACKER productive system, we will be still available for you, no matter whether you have done the installation by yourself or with our support. You decide what level of support and cooperation fits your needs in the best way.

Operational support

We implement and operate OMNITRACKER not only in many different customer systems, but we use our product ourselves on a daily basis. You will certainly benefit from this experience. OMNINET can, for example, take over the system operations of your OMNITRACKER applications on your infrastructure in whole or partially. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and—at the same time—you can be sure that your OMNITRACKER applications run securely and reliably.

Customer portal

Kundenportal OMNITRACKER 370x250

In the OMNITRACKER customer portal, you submit support requests and get access to the customer request management. You also receive news about the latest releases and further developments.

Contact our support team in several ways:

Regardless of which communication channel you prefer, we will gladly be there for you.

Import of system upgrades and updates

Update OMNITRACKER 370x250

Software upgrades and updates are important as they contain improvements, add-ons and security-related changes. This also applies to patches or hotfixes provided by Microsoft® for your operating or database system. We regularly publish new releases, so you can keep up to date, and your data is protected in the best possible way.

On request, we perform the installation of updates in your OMNITRACKER system for you. Therefore, you do not have to deal with the releases but can always use OMNITRACKER safely.


Monitoring OMNITRACKER 370x250

OMNINET performs automated system monitoring. In the event of an incident, an automatic notification alarm is sent. If necessary, reaction or remedial measures can be carried out. In your infrastructure, the following components are monitored:

  • System resources
  • Service availability
  • Infrastructure services

Performance analysis

Performanceanalyse OMNITRACKER 370x250

One of the most important non-functional properties of software products is its processing speed (performance). Slow performance affects the duration of workflows and quickly leads to the displeasure of your staff and customers. This may affect your profit in a negative way.

We regularly optimize the processing speed of our standard applications. To achieve an optimal performance result of your individual customizations, we recommend a performance analysis. Thereby, we analyze your OMNITRACKER architecture with all configurations.

After the analysis, we provide you with field-proven suggestions for improving the performance of your OMNITRACKER applications and help you to implement them. This way, you benefit from short response times, even for complex processes.

Installation of further applications

Installation OMNITRACKER 370x250

Additional OMNITRACKER applications allow you to digitally map further business processes in your company. OMNITRACKER is like a modular system. This enables you to expand the functional scope of your system at any time and adapt it to your current needs. Thus, the field of application of our ITSM tool extends beyond the boundaries of IT services: Workflows in departments outside IT can also be managed with OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center, whereby all workflows can be fully or partially automated. Our ITSM tool can be used, for example, the management of business trips, room reservations or the processing of orders.

We are pleased to help you with the integration of applications and advise you on possible service management solutions in your company.

We support you in the ongoing operation, support and provision of the OMNITRACKER server environment.

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Four modular service options

1 Betriebsupport 450x300 v3

1. Operation support

Your administration team takes care of the day-to-day operations. With comprehensive coaching and training, you increase the operational stability of your OMNITRACKER applications.

2 Supportuebernahme 450x300 v3

2. Support take-over

In order to relieve your support team, our experienced employees can take over the 2nd level support for your OMNITRACKER applications. Thereby, a direct exchange with your 1st level support takes place. OMNINET integrates seamlessly into your service chain.

3 Server 450x300

3. Managed service

We monitor the ongoing operations of OMNITRACKER in your IT environment. With our monitoring system, we have access to your server system and solve occurring incidents in OMNITRACKER directly.


4. Software-as-a-Service

When using our Software-as-a-Service model, we handle the complete provision of your OMNITRACKER environment. In this case, you do not need to set up an IT infrastructure for the OMNITRACKER servers or train your own administration team. We cover these services for you.

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

Target group specific training

We offer you a highly efficient and modularly coordinated training program in our modern training centers. Each training is target group specific and is based on the existing knowledge level of the participants. For example, the OMNITRACKER Administrator Training is specifically designed for administrators. The different levels "Basic and Advanced" take into account the subject-specific depth of prior knowledge. Specialized topics and individual trainings complete OMNINET's training program.

Let your teams benefit from our excellent training.

We look forward to your training participation.


With OMNITRACKER the company IT operates with greater efficiency and we are achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

An outstanding and superior service is essential for our customers. OMNITRACKER supports us in achieving this via the registration and follow-up of customer enquiries.

Alexander Zwart, Head Cash Management Operations

A complex web-based contract management solution has been created with OMNITRACKER through constructive, direct and goal-oriented communication with the support of the competent OMNINET consultants.

Frank Merkel

Thanks to OMNITRACKER, we have been able to introduce ITIL-based processes and increase the quality of our IT Services.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

We appreciate the very personal and uncomplicated contact with OMNINET as manufacturer of our OMNITRACKER installations. In addition, the highly flexible applications and the support of the competent OMNINET employees are a valuable factor for us.

Curt Eylers, Group IT

For many years, OMNITRACKER has been our central platform for integrated and highly automated business processes.
In addition to the ITSM processes with which we started, today we also use OMNITRACKER to handle the majority of our administrative, logistics and compliance processes.

David Wester, Manager Service & Support

With OMNITRACKER ITSM Center we have taken a significant step forward on our way from grown structures to integrated Enterprise Service Management and thus to improving customer satisfaction.

Michael Niekut, Head of Service Operations Center

With OMNITRACKER we have the freedom to implement and adapt our processes by ourselves without having to rely on external support. The simple and seamless connection to third-party systems, such as our own TGW service portal, optimally supports our processes.

Stefan Hamann, Head of Application Services

OMNITRACKER provides us the opportunity to adapt all applications to our specific requirements with low configuration effort and it also guarantees release compatibility.
Moreover, we enjoy working with OMNINET's friendly and dedicated team.

Christopher Müll, Project Leader OMNITRACKER

The OMNITRACKER meets our most important requirements on BPM:
stability, flexibility, connectivity and transparency.
Complemented by professional consulting and friendly customer service, the result is a purposeful symbiosis of man and technology.

Jörg Suthoff, Chief Digital Officer