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Service Management Industry 4.0

Service management for and with Industry 4.0

Are you looking for a largely automated incident management system, e.g. for smart meters of energy supply companies?

Do you need a quality management system, e.g. for automotive software or for the production of automotive supply parts?

What do you do with service-relevant mass data from Industry 4.0 processes? Increasing digitalization also requires a rethink in how business processes are handled. In addition, the associated optimization and streamlining of processes are important prerequisites for successful Industry 4.0 implementation. This also gives you the opportunity to develop and implement new business models. However, this also means finding a well-engineered way of handling the resulting process data. You need to be able to retrieve all the relevant data required to adjust the “business process optimization” control knob at any time. The OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center (ITSM) supports you perfectly in all aspects.

Our solution for you

As a basis for Enterprise Management, OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers 15 integrated practices acc. to ITIL®4, certified in 2020 by SERVIEW.

Content-evaluated, automated ticket creation

Tickets can be created automatically using predefined criteria and rules. Depending on the topic, the correct employee group is selected and predefined priorities are set. Field technicians are automatically notified or their assignments planned in the OMNITRACKER Dispatch Center in a route-optimized manner.

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Deviations from the standard are also incidents

With the OMNITRACKER Incident Management you can process any kind of incidents. The cause research is carried out with OMNITRACKER Problem Management and the exchange of devices and machines through Change Management. The automatic transfer of all necessary data is completely redundancy-free from process to process.

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Competent training

Our training center offers you a highly efficient training program with coordinated modules. As the software manufacturer we ensure the highest quality standards.

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Service management solution for your Industry 4.0 applications

With a central service management software solution, there are massive synergy effects and potential savings, especially when cross-departmental workflows are simplified and optimized. Via interfaces, this collaboration can be extended to external partner companies and suppliers. All in all, business processes in your Industrie 4.0 become easier to plan, control and measure with a central service management solution. The more departments network their processes via a uniform service management solution, the faster the return on investment is achieved.

Rely on the OMNITRACKER ITSM Center and leverage your potential with targeted, automatable workflows within Industrie 4.0.

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IT Service Management Center by OMNINET

A highly efficient, scalable and powerful IT service management solution

The application is based on the current ITIL® standard and supports you in managing complex IT environments from A to Z. The OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center offers very effective and flexible service management processes out of the box, which help you reduce your support costs and simultaneously increase the maturity level and efficiency of your service organisation. The application grows with your requirements.

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