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Comprehensive dashboards

Evaluate your business data with cross-process management dashboards

Do you need process-independent and flexibly designed evaluations?

Would you like to have up-to-date business data available at a glance?

Would you like to use your existing BI system?

For the next business meeting, meaningful and clearly presented KPIs of your company are needed. Based on these evaluations, decisions should be made to optimize your business processes. This is not just an isolated case, but in line with your constant concern for more effective and cost-efficient processes. Then you need a powerful tool: OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence. It supports you significantly in the evaluation of key data as a basis for decision-making, offers you versatile evaluation options and can nevertheless be used flexibly. In addition, you can continue to use your well-established BI system.

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Our solution for you

Complement your existing BI system with OMNITRACKER data from any application by simply mapping the corresponding data to an input database for your BI system, e.g. Microsoft SSRS.

Microsoft Power BI

The OMNITRACKER basic system has the integrated ODBC interface DB Views for the configurative transfer of all OMNITRACKER object data in real time to existing BI systems. This also creates cross-process dashboards.

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Microsoft SSRS Report

Also for Microsoft SSRS Report, the integrated ODBC interface DB Views is used to transfer OMNITRACKER object data to an existing BI system. There you can carry out the evaluations as usual with your familiar methods.

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BI functionalities

Two basic models of data analysis are available:
BI Desktop provides very easy database view definition and evaluation of your data via Microsoft Power BI. (Microsoft Power BI is not included with OMNITRACKER.)
BI Enterprise provides analysis of your data either directly or through a data warehouse.

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Business Intelligence by OMNINET

Provides comprehensive data evaluation and analyses of the company’s KPIs

Discover a variety of ways for evaluating your data and presenting it clearly: predefined or custom reports, various KPI visualizations, dashboards, customizable database views or data warehouse reports. With OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence, you always have access to the latest business data to support your decisions. So you can always adapt your evaluations to your needs.

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