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Comprehensive dashboards

Evaluate your business data with cross-process management dashboards

Do you need process-independent and flexibly designed evaluations?

Would you like to have up-to-date business data available at a glance?

Would you like to use your existing BI system?

For the next business meeting, meaningful and clearly presented KPIs of your company are needed. Based on these evaluations, decisions should be made to optimize your business processes. This is not just an isolated case, but in line with your constant concern for more effective and cost-efficient processes. Then you need a powerful tool: OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence. It supports you significantly in the evaluation of key data as a basis for decision-making, offers you versatile evaluation options and can nevertheless be used flexibly. In addition, you can continue to use your well-established BI system.

Our solution for you

Benefit from diverse analysis formats and target group-specific presentations from a central database with many interfaces and applications at your BI system.

Customized information for each team

Stay flexible with your analytics strategy and define all reporting parameters by yourself. Each team member and every department has access to precisely the information they need—in an output format that can be individually defined.

Evidence-based decisions

In the next step, this structured data from all departments facilitates evidence-based decisions at management level.

With a combination of real-time KPIs and long-term data, you generate higher transparency and better understanding of processes for all parties involved.

Custom dashboard formats

Benefit from multiple analysis and export formats (such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI Reporting Services) with automated, dynamic distribution options and controlled access as well as authorization concepts.

The analytics tool: OMNILYTICS

When it comes to data analyses, real benefit results from the right strategy when selecting and interpreting your data. Optimally, you connect relevant information across departments and processes. Thus, you know in advance how to interpret possible results.

For the structured implementation—in addition to BI expertise—a flexible software solution is required to select the decision-critical data from the mass of your data, to retrieve it continuously and to present the information obtained in an appealing way and clearly arranged.


Learn more about OMNILYTICS

Business Intelligence by OMNINET

Provides comprehensive data evaluation and analyses of the company’s KPIs

Discover a variety of ways for evaluating your data and presenting it clearly: predefined or custom reports, various KPI visualizations, dashboards, customizable database views or data warehouse reports. With OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence, you always have access to the latest business data to support your decisions. So you can always adapt your evaluations to your needs.

Numerous application possibilities

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Business analysis for shopping centers

For a shopping center, the ratio of sales to sales areas used was to be analyzed, as well as the influence of time of day and weather situation on the sales figures of the individual sectors. These multidimensional analyses made it possible to compare the profitability of the stores in a structured way. All data was visually presented as interactive dashboards.

OMNILYTICS BI Handel 740x5208

Business analysis in the trade sector

As part of a large-scale IT project, a holistic business analysis of a customer in the retail sector took place, using the all-in-one BI solution OMNILYTICS. For the creation of the “Balanced Scorecard”, performance data of products and services were processed, and aspects of financial accounting and order situation were included.

Business Intelligence OMNILYTICS BI Produktion 740x5208

Business analysis in production

In cooperation with a consulting company, the processes including production, storage and work areas of a production company were to be analyzed. Optimizations are to be carried out with the help of this database. Based on this, further analytics elements for data-driven corporate management are planned.