In conversation with Kim Van Boven, Project Coordinator & Resource Planner

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Hey Kim, as Project Coordinator & Resource Planner for the Benelux what do you think is exciting about the IT industry?

Ah, this is quite funny… my previous work experiences were in different businesses, so this is in fact my first work experience in the IT industry. I am convinced that not only me but a lot of people who do not work in IT have a picture in their head of boring nerds writing code hidden after their PC. Well, believe me, we work hard at OMNINET but we also laugh a lot during work. As is generally known, the IT world is in constant and rapid transition, so standing still is not an option for us.

This is also how I am as a person and that is why I am in my place here.


Why is OMNINET a perfect match for you?

Oops, I went to fast in my previous answer… I don't like having to do the same tasks every day. Before this, I worked in a large company where I was only a small part of the chain. As a result, I had a very specific set of tasks that was not very diverse. I quickly got bored with that and without realizing it, I was no longer happy.

Now every day I have a plan in my head of what I want to do, but believe me, most days turn out differently. Also, new tasks come up regularly, or things fall away. This keeps me entertained. I feel free enough here to voice my opinion and there are regular opportunities to socialize informally with colleagues. That's nice!

What makes excellent project coordination stand out?

Being accessible for my colleagues and customers, but also be eager to help and take the required actions when needed.

In your opinion, what is good teamwork?

We have a daily standup so that we at least once a day can talk to each other about everything that is going on, professional and even personal. That way we stay involved with each other and because of that, we are very accessible to each other if we are stuck with something or would have questions.

Which characteristics define you?

I want to believe of myself that I am flexible, proactive, thoughtful and a people person, but I prefer to leave it to my colleagues to confirm that or not! Haha 😊

In which activity do you prosper?

Definitely planning and organizing, I am always doing that, both at work and at home.

Which fun fact do you find particularly interesting?

I like my morning-coffees. I like to read a good book, have dinner with friends and a good glass of wine, but also enjoy to go hiking in nature. That makes me really happy. Especially when the sun is shining!

Thank you Kim, for letting us get to know you better.

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