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Booking Schedule

Managing resources efficiently

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Which room is occupied when? Who needs which company car when? Who is unavailable at which time? Keep track of shared resources. Define your own resources and manage reservations and allocations with ease using OMNITRACKER Booking Schedule. Clearly structured time lines and calendar views show the latest status at a glance.

Allocation planning for freely definable resources, for example:

  • Room occupancy
  • Vehicle booking
  • Management of any further resources

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OMNITRACKER Booking Schedule: Your key benefits

High usability

  • Allocation planning for in-demand resources
  • Definition of custom categories and resources
  • Clearly structured time lines and calendar views

Easy operation

  • Booking in just a few steps
  • Easy planning using drag&drop
  • Convenient booking through the web client

Full integration

  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications
  • Automatic notification