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Business Intelligence Desktop

Getting started with business intelligence in no time

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OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence Desktop helps you to get a quick start in business intelligence. You can use the functions of the OMNITRACKER platform for your business intelligence solution. In your OMNITRACKER database, you can easily define database views with which you can always access the current data. With Microsoft Power BI, you can then conveniently analyze and visualize your data. If you use Microsoft SQL Server 2016, you can use the Microsoft SSRS web interface to distribute the data. You can integrate this web interface into OMNITRACKER by means of the Windows client and web client. Alternatively, you can publish your Power BI data via the Microsoft Cloud.

You can use OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence Desktop without installing additional tools. You can integrate external data without needing a data warehouse.

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OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence Desktop: Your key benefits

Essential performance

  • Basic Business-Intelligence functionality in place
  • Database views easily definable
  • Data can be evaluated via Microsoft Power BI
  • Usable without installing additional tools
  • External data integratable without data warehouse